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What to do when you’re out taking photos and come face to face with a cougar

A natural world photographer lately had a primal revel in when out climbing in Orange County, California when they had been stared down by means of a large mountain lion. Luckily Mark Girardeau knew precisely what to do to stay himself and his pal protected in such a state of affairs, and they stuck it on camera (caution: grownup language within the video).

“If I mentioned I wasn’t scared, I’d be mendacity, however I had to more or less hype it up and make myself sound more difficult,” mentioned Girardeau. “This mountain lion didn’t blink. It used to be so bizarre and we had been so shut. You may just simply see its eyes gazing us.”

Mark and his pal had been out in Trabuco Canyon to take a look at camera traps. “We had been climbing out after already checking the recordsdata and spotted a mountain lion strolling by means of the camera now not lengthy ahead of we had been there,” Girardeau writes. Suddenly one thing ran temporarily against them, it used to be the similar mountain lion. By the time they knew what used to be going down it used to be round 5 to 10 toes from them, and staring immediately at them.

Mark is a natural world and out of doors educator and used to be in a position to assume obviously, figuring out that this might be a precious lesson for others. He saved a cool head and made positive to exchange their place in order that there used to be a huge bush between them and the lion. He advised his significant other Rachel Devlugt to again away slowly, and now not to smash eye touch with the cat or it might most likely take a look at to observe them.

Rachel mentioned her instant reaction would were to run, had it now not been for Mark. “My preliminary reaction as a lion is, like, working up to me is, like, oh my God, I gotta move,” she advised CBS2, including “It used to be so horrifying. I’m lovely positive that used to be the scariest factor I’ve ever skilled in my complete existence.”

Girardeau believes that the feminine lion used to be almost definitely extra scared of them than they had been of her, and assaults on people by means of mountain lions are very uncommon. Usually, in the event you see a wild mountain lion, or cougar as they’re also referred to as, within the wild, you’re very very fortunate. They are professional predators, cushy on their toes, and are outstanding at staying hidden out of sight.

However uncommon an assault by means of a mountain lion is, it’s at all times neatly to understand how to act in a probability stumble upon to toughen your possibilities of strolling away unhurt. Mark advises making your self appear bigger and dominant, elevating your voice. You will have to again away slowly, by no means flip your again at the animal and care for eye touch.

Images from Mark’s camera traps can also be discovered on his website.

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