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Want to own a print by Dr. Jane Goodall? Check out this charity print sale

Want to own a print by Dr Jane Goodall Check

Dr. Jane Goodall is one of many amazing women I admire and find inspiring. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to check out Vital Impacts’ charity print sale. It gives you a chance to buy a print from 100 amazing photographers, including Dr. Goodall. And the best thing is, if you buy the prints, you support a number of conservation charities.

Vital Impacts was founded by NatGeo photographer Ami Vitale and visual journalist Eileen Mignoni. As I mentioned, their print sale is aimed at supporting conservation charities, and here are the ones that will receive a part of the proceeds: Big Life Foundation, Great Plains Foundation’s Project Ranger, Jane Goodall Institute’s s Roots & Shoots, and SeaLegacy. 60% of the net proceeds will be donated to the four charities. The remaining 40% of net proceeds will be given directly to the photographers “to allow them to continue their critical awareness-raising conservation work.”

Speaking of photographers, the lost features some big names and photographers whose work I love. For example, Reuben Wu, whose work we shared on DIYP before. There’s also Tim Flach, Paul Nicklen (here), Jon McCormack, to name just a few. What they all have in common is that their work raises awareness about the importance of conservation.

The prints are divided into two groups: open edition and limited edition. Open edition prints are available at 11×16 inch and 16×24 inch sizes, and there will also be a handful of 8×12 inch prints available. Limited edition prints are available at the sizes determined by the artist.

As for the prices, each print has its price noted on its sale page. Open edition, unsigned fine-art prints range from $125 to $675. Limited edition, signed fine-art prints are priced individually and go up to $5,000, like this hand-signed print by Dr. Jane Goodall.

However, there’s also a small selection of 8×12 inch prints available at a flash sale. They go for only $100, and there are some stunning photos to choose from. Another print from Dr. Goodall is available on the flash sale, so you can get this one if the budget is tight and you really want a print.

You can find the list of photographers here. Clicking on their names will give you the list of their prints that are on sale, along with the sizes, prices and other details. The sale ends on 31 December 2021, and the images will no longer be available after this date. So, if you like any of them, now you have a great opportunity to get them, and help conservation charities while you’re at it.

[via Popular Photography]

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