TRACE launches mentorship programme for women photographers over the age
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TRACE launches mentorship programme for women photographers over the age of 35

“We realised that emerging artist awards always seem to be for 35s and under. It’s like something magical happens when you turn 35 and if you haven’t made it, you’ve got to figure something else out.”

For the scheme’s 24 mentees, the programme will begin in Manchester on 11 June 2022, with an in-person introductory event. Throughout the following year, there will be an on-going online programme.

Mentees will attend workshops focused on concept development, curation skills and writing proposals, receive advice from industry specialists – including director of development at The Royal Photographic Society, Tracy Marshall Grant – and take part in online peer review sessions. 

Finally, the programme’s 24 photographers will attend portfolio reviews, conducted by experts including assistant curator at Tate, Emma Lewis; director of photography at FT Weekend Magazine, Emma Bowkett; and curator and photographic artist, Bindi Vora.

At the end of the programme, participants will install works completed throughout the year in a two-day exhibition, scheduled for June 2023. It is hoped that the exhibition will run both online and in-person.

Morris-Cafiero, who uses her photography as an activist voice to fight discrimination and social invisibility, said: “We’re really hoping that people apply that wouldn’t normally, maybe because they don’t think they would have a shot, or because they can’t normally afford it.

“People who, for whatever reason, haven’t had a seat at the table. We’re setting this up as a confidence builder for those people.”

Applications for the TRACE Mentorship Programme, which is supported by the Genesis Foundation, are open until 09 May 2022. Full details on how to apply can be found here.

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