Tip of the Week Create a Distinctive Point of Interest
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Tip of the Week: Create a Distinctive Point of Interest

Though lines, curves and blurs are potent ways of guiding the viewer’s eyes through the frame, remember that they may not always work. These are tried and tested formulas, but if you wish to make your photographs truly unique, you have to be boldly experimental. Imagine that your frame has a wonderful S-curve in the form of a winding road, fading into the distance. Despite the curve, the frame might still look empty. Including a person or even an animal somewhere in the distance would create a striking photograph that conveys scale and isolation. A motion blur of children running back home from school on the same road would create a fun, playful mood.

Tip of the Week Create a Distinctive Point of Interest

The diagonal lines of the slope, the straight line of the narrow pathway and the direction in which the man is walking, help draw the viewer in. Photograph/Biplab Sikdar

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