Tip of the Week Bury Your Nose in Books
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Tip of the Week: Bury Your Nose in Books

Besides spending time observing creatures, you can pore into research books about your town or city and get relevant information on the species you want to photograph. This research will tell you whether the city is visited by migratory birds or whether there is any specific place that is famous for its animal or bird sightings such as a particular lake, marshland or seafront. It will also help you understand the behaviour of the creature and help you capture its defining characteristics. For instance, ants have entire colonies that are very well-structured—they have definite work processes for gathering food, transporting larvae and so on. Once you know their various activities, you can shoot them making their way around the plants in your house or even large anthills found in large grounds.

Tip of the Week Bury Your Nose in Books

Photograph/Yuwaraj Gurjar


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