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This is what rare “upper-atmospheric lightning” looks like from space

Thomas Pesquet is referred to as an astronaut and the present commander of the ISS. And for us photographers, his surprising pictures from the orbit are particularly attention-grabbing. He not too long ago captured a rare tournament named transient luminous event (TLE), often known as “upper-atmospheric lightning.” Not most effective it’s no longer commonplace to look it from Earth, however how frequently are you able to see it from space?

A TLE is principally a thunder strike within the higher environment, as Pesquet explains on Flickr, including that it occurs very infrequently. It’s an atmospheric tournament that takes position smartly above the altitudes of standard clouds and storms we get to look.

“We have a facility outdoor Europe’s Columbus laboratory devoted to gazing those flashes of sunshine,” Pesquet writes. “The Space Station is extraordinarily smartly suited to this observatory because it flies over the equator the place there are extra thunderstorms.”

What Pesquet unearths interesting about this sort of lightning is that till quite not too long ago they have been noticed as simply a legend. “Just a couple of a long time in the past they’d been noticed anecdotally by way of pilots and scientists weren’t satisfied they in truth existed,” Pesquet explains. “Fast ahead a couple of years and we will ascertain [ELVESs], and sprites are very actual and might be influencing our local weather too!”

Thanks to the development in era and better availability of cameras, there were information of this rare tournament sooner than. Andreas Mogensen used to be the primary to seize shoot it from space, and he did it in most effective ten days at the ISS, in step with Pesquet.

[via DPReview]

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