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This is what it looks like when you use an anamorphic adapter with an anamorphic lens

Anamorphic lenses are a large number of a laugh to shoot with and so they’ve in reality risen in reputation over the previous couple of years. That’s obtrusive via the selection of new ones that stay getting introduced, specifically for the decrease finish of the movie-making spectrum. Sirui even introduced their newest one today. But there also are anamorphic adapters in the market. They sit down at the finish of a typical lens to provide it that anamorphic appear and feel.

So… what occurs if you stack the anamorphic adapter at the finish of an anamorphic lens? Well, that’s the query that was once requested of the parents at Epic Light Media, in order that they made up our minds to determine!

The lens getting used within the video is the Atlas Orion 100mm T2 Anamorphic – a $9,000 lens – which provides a 2x width, which then must be desqueezed in put up. Vertically, it’s like a 100mm lens. Horizontally, it’s extra like a 50mm lens (sure, that’s how anamorphic works). And when you put one thing like the Letus 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter at the finish of an already 2x Anamorphic lens that 100mm lens abruptly has a box of view identical to a few 35mm lens. That’s a few 2.66:1 side ratio (give or take).

It looks very cool, but in addition very bizarre. They additionally blow their own horns a lovely neat trick with that adapter within the video that looks very a lot like a shot from the film Elf! Yes, the only with Will Ferrell.

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