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This guy’s mad video editing skills hilariously turn him into random objects

Kevin Parry is a forestall movement animator and video author recognized for his brief and enjoyable video clips. In his fresh sequence of movies, he magically turns himself into random stuff: a snowball, a pumpkin, or a pile of balloons. And no, he doesn’t use magic – just a few artful video editing skills he’s well-known for.

Kevin has been well-known for his enjoyable, trippy brief movies for moderately some time. He first was well-liked long ago when Twitted nonetheless had Vine. But after it was gone, Kevin’s paintings were given equivalent, if now not larger recognition on different platforms.

In the video above, you’ll see him turn himself into other objects. The clips are super-fun, and so seamlessly finished that they make you glance two, 3, or ten instances. But instead of simply sharing the clips, Kevin additionally unearths how he made them. Like I stated – no magic concerned, best mad video editing skills and so much and a variety of patience and trial and mistake.

My favourite brief video from this sequence is when Kevin turns into a banana (Bananaman, someone?). On his Instagram, he displays how he did it, and it in reality makes you appreciate how a lot paintings is going into the sort of brief clip. It took a large number of makes an attempt prior to getting the autumn he sought after and the clip of the banana that he may just line with it. But as all the time, he nailed it with the overall end result.

We already shared Kevin’s paintings before (here too), and it’s enjoyable to look how his concepts evolve, alternate, and what sort of higher he’s continuously changing into. So, make sure you apply him on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and revel in extra of his paintings.

[via PetaPixel]

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