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This creative photo series turns clothes into endangered animals

You’ve already met Helga Stentzel and her distinctive footage earlier this year. This gifted artist turns unusual into peculiar, remodeling on a regular basis gadgets into one thing utterly new and surprising.

In her newest undertaking, Helga created endangered animals out of clothes, however that’s handiest part of it.  Working remotely with different creatives, Helga’s creations “traveled” from London to Ecuador and turned into part of a conservation marketing campaign.

Helga is a Russian-born visible artist lately based totally in London, UK. After I first wrote about her paintings, I began following her on Instagram and that’s how I noticed the most recent marketing campaign she used to be part of. Helga’s paintings levels from images and representation to video and forestall movement animation – ceaselessly becoming a member of other tactics in combination. And for this newest undertaking, she joined her creativeness with that of alternative artists to create one thing lovely superior.

I chatted a little with Helga and Israel Barahona, who’s the Creative Director of the undertaking. Israel and the Art Director José Aguilar discovered Helga’s artwork and it impressed them for the marketing campaign. They sought after to proportion a formidable and vital conservation message the use of 3 endangered species constructed from clothes pieces. The factor is: those clothes are washed with many detergents that pollute the water. This additional destroys habitats, meals, and the water resources from which those animals drink.

The group determined to recreate an Andean undergo, a blue-footed booby, and an Amazon purple dolphin. All of those animals are in grave threat of extinction, particularly the purple dolphin. Israel advised us extra about each and every of them and why it’s vital to prevent polluting the water in Ecuador.

“The spectacled undergo or Andean undergo (Tremarctos ornatus) is thought of as within the nation as a safe species, within the Ecuadorian territory an estimate of simply 2000 specimens is made, the air pollution of the rivers is likely one of the primary reasons of its disappearance.

The blue-footed booby (Sula nebouxii) is a singular species within the Galapagos Islands, there are handiest 6400 left, and the reason for its low inhabitants is that they have got stopped reproducing because of loss of meals, the sardines have left because of contamination of the waters at the islands and their water resources also are compromised.

Finally, we’ve the species in essentially the most important scenario, the Amazon purple dolphin (Inia geoffrensis), of which handiest 45 specimens are registered throughout the Ecuadorian territory, they’ve been declared on purple alert, the contamination in their habitat is the primary reason behind demise or migration, they’ve stopped inhabiting the rivers of Ecuador.”

Israel and José sought after to show the speculation into fact once imaginable. They introduced the undertaking to Hogar Verde, a logo of biodegradable detergents. They fell in love with the speculation, so the creative duo reached out to Helga in February this 12 months. As you’ll be able to most probably conclude, she used to be very a lot into it as smartly. In reality, she right away set to work at the sketches and created the concept that for those 3 animals. “This gave us an overly transparent thought of ​​the clothes and the way shall we create animal shapes with clothes,” Israel tells DIYP.

The thought used to be for Helga to shuttle to Ecuador and take footage on the Galápagos Islands. However, it became out that the rustic used to be at the COVID-19 purple record so neither she nor the remainder of the group may just shuttle there. But hello, if there’s anything else we discovered over those two years is that we will be able to do quite a few stuff remotely. So, the creative group determined to {photograph} “the animals” in Helga’s studio and upload them to the prevailing footage of various places in Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.

The photographer Pablo Ortega joined the group and were given the clothes pieces for the shoot. Helga says that he went thru dozens of hoodies and towels ahead of discovering the very best ones for the shoot. “And sure, he used to be sending us pictures from other buying groceries department stores,” she provides. “I wager store assistants had been extremely joyful.” No one may just to find shiny shorts with black wallet, so the group ended up discovering a seamstress who custom designed a beige pair.

When the whole thing used to be in a position, the group created the “garment animals” within the studio and Pablo took the footage. José did the retouching, including the animals into the footage from their respective habitats. As for the graphic design of the overall posters, Carlos Sánchez, Santiago Loján, and Daniel Orcé had been in control of this section.

Several creative minds from other portions of the arena were given in combination to finish this undertaking. And as Israel tells us, they had been all very glad with it. “This marketing campaign, along with being in virtual media, shall be a part of a release in massive codecs on public roads,” he provides. “And we are hoping to provide them a large marvel later as a result of this marketing campaign has a good larger 2nd degree.”

Take a have a look at the overall pictures and extra BTS photographs underneath, and try and recognize the undertaking on Behance.

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