These spaces are so needed Black Women Photographers launches inaugural
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“These spaces are so needed”: Black Women Photographers launches inaugural exhibition

Sadly, this experience has not always been an easy one. Dixon recalls often finding herself not just to be the only woman of colour, but the only woman in photographic spaces. “These shared stories of triggering moments, of frustration – being able to talk to someone about that and being able to share our experiences and then encourage each other – in the end, that was the biggest thing,” she says.

Both Dixon and Bethel highlight the importance of, and ongoing need for, the work done by Black Women Photographers, and by exhibitions such as Our Black Experience. In an industry and a city in which help can be scarce – “in LA it’s like crabs in a barrel, everyone wants to jump over each other”, says Dixon – a support network of shared experience is key. “These spaces are so needed,” Dixon says, “because everyone else has these spaces. Everybody else has these groups, places they can go to to get help, but we don’t. So, it’s very important that we help to elevate us all.”

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