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The ZY Optics Lens Turbo 2 is a 0.72x speed booster for M42, EF and F mount lenses on Nikon Z bodies

ZY Optics has introduced its new Zhongyi Lens Turbo II. It’s a 0.72x speed booster for Nikon Z mount APS-C cameras. There are 3 variations to be had that help you use full-frame M42, Canon EF and Nikon F mount lenses on the brand new device with a wider box of view than you’d another way get on an APS-C frame. It additionally offers you an additional prevent of sunshine and brings again a few of that shallow intensity of box.

It’s now not an autofocus adapter, just like the Nikon FTZ and this is mirrored in the fee, nevertheless it does imply that whilst you’re taking pictures video, you’ll get to make use of a few of the ones vintage lenses that individuals had been the usage of with their different cameras for years.

The adapter brings the Nikon Z 1.52x crop issue again to about a 1.1x crop. This approach your 24mm full-frame lens on your Nikon Z50 or Z fc will give the identical box of view to about 26.4mm on a full-frame frame and be offering a very identical box of view you’d get to the usage of the 24mm on its at the beginning meant full-frame frame, too.

For photographers, this almost certainly isn’t going to be all that helpful, however for video shooters, it’ll help you use the ones vintage M42 lenses just like the Jupiter-9, Super Takumars, Zeiss Pancolar and Helios 44-2 in addition to the ones vintage previous Nikon AI handbook center of attention lenses. And in case you’re a severe video shooter, you’re almost certainly used to running with handbook center of attention anyway. Throw a center of attention equipment ring on it and you’re just right to move.


I’m now not positive what sort of aperture keep an eye on you’ll get, if any, with Canon EF or Nikon’s digital aperture lenses as there doesn’t seem to be any roughly digital verbal exchange handed thru or translated. With Nikon G mount cameras, on the other hand, there is a ring that permits you to manually keep an eye on the aperture of the lens. If you’re the usage of M42 or Nikon D or AI lenses, then you definately’ve already were given complete handbook aperture keep an eye on.

The Zhongyi Lens Turbo II is to be had to buy now for $149 from the ZY Optics website and is to be had in M42, Nikon F and Canon EF mounts.

It’s humorous, I used to be simply taking a look for a first rate M42 to Micro Four Thirds speed booster the opposite day. No such success (despite the fact that I’m open to any suggestions you could have within the feedback). Maybe I’ll simply clutch myself a Nikon Z fc and this kind of as an alternative.

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