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The winners of this year’s Nature inFocus contest show nature at its most dramatic

In the middle of the pandemic and yet another hectic year, it’s always nice to turn to art and nature. Nature inFocus brings the two together in its annual photography competition. The 2021 winners have just been announced, and they’re as magnificent as only the natural world can be.

The contest was founded in India by Rohit and Kalyan Varma. Despite the pandemic, the contest saw increasing participation from all over the world, according to the founders. This year, the contest received about 18,000 images from more than 2,000 photographers across 40 countries, which is quite impressive. “The contest today receives entries not just from India but across the globe,” the founders say. “It has become a truly international competition!”

Nature inFocus recognizes winners in six categories: Animal Portraits, Animal Behaviour, Creative Nature Photography, Wildscape & Animals in Habitat, Conservation Issues, and Young Photographer (under 18 years of age). There’s also a video category for emerging talents and professional photographers.

Take a look at the winners and runner-ups, and you’ll find more information and images on the Nature inFocus website.

Photo awards

© Priyanka Rahut Mitra/Nature inFocus, Animal Behavior winner

© Rajat Subhra Pramanick, Animal Behavior first runner-up

© Shuvam Sadhukhan, Animal Behavior second runner-up

© Mohammad Murad, Animal Portraits winner

© Panos Laskarakis, Animal Portraits first runner-up

© Lakshitha Karunarathna, Animal Portraits second runner-up

© Lakshitha Karunarathna, Wildscape & Animals in Habitat winner

© Divya Dwaraknath, Wildscape & Animals in Habitat first runner-up

© Shivang Mehta, Wildscape & Animals in Habitat second runner-up

© Prathamesh Ghadekar, Creative Nature Photography winner

© Magnus Lundgren, Creative Nature Photography first runner-up

© Magnus Lundgren, Creative Nature Photography second runner-up

© Anagha Mohan, Young Photographer winner

© Anirudh Kamakeri, Young Photographer first runner-up

© Shashwat Mohapatra, Young Photographer second runner-up

Video awards

Kunal Shah, Emerging (Natural History) winner

Jeswin Kingsly and Santhosh Krishnan Emerging (Conservation) winners

Oliver Goetzl – Professional (Natural History) winner

Nikhil Talegaonkar and Sandeep Dhumal, Professional (Conservation) winners

Swayam Thakkar – Wild Moment winner:

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