1638231627 The Solarcan Puck is a tiny solar camera that lets
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The Solarcan Puck is a tiny solar camera that lets you shoot three super long exposures

The Solarcan Puck is a tiny solar camera that lets

Solarcan is back with a new product, the solarcan.co.uk/PUCK. It’s a solar camera that comes in a very tiny tin package to let you shoot the sun’s path through the sky over many weeks or months. It’s much smaller than their original 16oz version, which you can see in action here when Matthew Vandeputte used one to create a 10 million second exposure (just under 4 months).

The new Solarcan Puck is also a pinhole camera and produces up to three total exposures. Each exposure is protected from light by a cover until you’re ready to shoot it. You also get a sticky mount and a couple of cable ties for attaching it to where you want to shoot from. An overview video has been posted by the company showing how it’s made up and what you get inside.

Solarcan was running a special for Black Friday where orders over a certain value would receive a free Solarcan Puck, although the Puck doesn’t appear to be available to purchase separately yet and there’s been no mention of a price to buy the Puck when it does become available on its own. The original Solarcan costs £16 (with 5-packs available for £60 – surely it should have been a six pack?), so I expect they probably won’t be that expensive when they do become available.

solarcan puck attached

I’ve wanted to have a go at solarigraphy for ages and given that each Puck gives you three chances to experiment, I might have to grab a couple of these once they do become available. For now, though, you can find out more on the Solarcan website. And if you want to see some great examples of what the Solarcan products can let you shoot, be sure to check out their Instagram.

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