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The Beauty of Trees

The Lonely One

A great way to photograph a tree is to seclude it from its surroundings. Look for a lone tree or try to compose the frame in such a manner that the surrounding area is clean and simple. In comparison to the vastness of the landscape and the background, the tree will seem solitary and will stand out beautifully.

The Beauty of Trees

Autumn is a great season to photograph the changing colours of the leaves. Photograph/Ayon Mandal

Tell Their Story

Trees can live through hundreds of years. If there is a tree that strikes you as particularly interesting, or even one that is growing in your backyard, make it a point to photograph it every day. Explore changing seasons and their effect.

Look for Patterns

Trees are full of intricate patterns and textures. You can make close-ups of the bark, dry leaves or even bare branches.

Another thing to try if there is a park or forested area nearby, is to simply stand under a tree and look up. You will notice that the branches create a surreal jigsaw puzzle. These dark zigzagging lines and curves contrast beautifully with backlit green leaves and the bright sky.

1650981325 147 The Beauty of Trees

You can easily evoke the feeling of solitude by concentrating on a single tree. Photograph/Michael & Christa Richert

Make Dream-like Frames

Photograph trees at night and use long exposures—leaves fluttering in the wind against the night sky create a surreal haze. In fact, paying attention to the sky during a clear night will help you capture striking star trails with the tree in the foreground.

The Human Touch

While trees are wonderful subjects to photograph as is, include a person in the frame to make the viewer aware of scale. There are several people who take shelter under trees. Weary travellers on a sunny day, tired pedestrians looking for a short break and even animals can be seen finding solace in the shade of a tree. You could even build an interesting photo series around people taking shelter under trees.

In fact, if your friends or family are enthusiastic about climbing trees, you can even ask them to do so. Along with invoking memories of childhood thrills, you will also be making some very memorable images.


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