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If Hine could not confirm the age of his subjects, he would count the buttons on their jackets for an estimate. Photograph/Lewis Hine
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Remembering Lewis Hine

If Hine may no longer ascertain the age of his topics, he would rely the collection of buttons on their…

Instead of only using complex lighting setups, he prefers to let the concept dictate his style. Photograph/Suni Raju
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Where Worlds Collide, with Sunil Raju

Instead of best the use of complicated lighting fixtures setups, he prefers to let the idea that dictate his taste.…

Self-Portrait as a Drowned Man, considered one of Bayard’s most important  works.
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Hippolyte Bayard, the Inventor Who Arrived too Late

Supriya Joshi seems to be at the lifetime of Hippolyte Bayard, one in every of the earliest practitioners of pictures,…

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Timothy H O’Sullivan

Desert Sand Hills close to Sink of Carson, Nevada, 1867. Photograph/Timothy H O’Sullivan Take a adventure during the American previous,…

The titular members of the British Royal family smile cheerfully as Priyanka stares into the abyss. Photograph/Supriya Joshi
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The Deadpan Diaries

The titular individuals of the British Royal circle of relatives smile cheerfully as Priyanka stares into the abyss. Photograph/Supriya Joshi…

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Quirks in the City

I used to be looking forward to a bus when this scene opened up a number of kilometres clear of…