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100 Simple Practices Try This
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100 Simple Practices: Try This!

Silhouettes need not be shot only at dawn or dusk. This mid-afternoon photograph combines an element of intrigue with an…

Fairs and amusement parks are brilliantly lit with a whole range of coloured lights. These places can offer you innumerable instances to experiment with trails. Exposure: 1.3sec at f/14 (ISO 320) Photograph/Manish Mamtani
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Tripod Techniques: Catch Those Trails!

Long, winding streaks of light are quite easy to capture and can transform busy places into glowing lines. Imagine that…

The beautiful vista of the sun shining down the expanse of hills on an early morning could have only been summarised in a panorama. Exposure: 1/60sec at f/9 (ISO400) Photograph/Balaji Durai
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Tripod Techniques: Sweeping the World

Shooting and weaving a panorama to perfection is quite an easy task—all you need is a great subject. Beautiful, breathtaking…

Grace in Curves
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Grace in Curves

The angle at which the picture is shot captures a wave like curve of the building which conveys a sense…

My Dream Lens John Isaac
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My Dream Lens: John Isaac

I have visited over 100 countries, but my favourite place is Kashmir, for the manner in which the play of…

1651150736 944 15 Techniques You Can Try with Tripods
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Tripod Techniques: A Bolt From the Blue

We usually wait by our windows hoping to catch a glance of lightning, but here is how you can capture…

Simple circular shapes of bubbles which can be found in a fizzy drink or even water!" Photography/Ranjani Pinnelli
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Playing with Shapes

Simple circular shapes of bubbles which can be found in a fizzy drink or even water!” Photography/Ranjani Pinnelli Start looking…

Good foreground elements such as this aquaduct work really well with star trails made at the extreme wide end. Exposure: Details Not Available Photograph/Chirag
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15 Techniques You Can Try with Tripods

Do you believe that tripods are an antiquity and  that they only belong to traditional schools of photography? Not quite.…

Jumping shots are common, and so your framing ought to be unique enough. Photograph/ Girish J Kinjar
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Summer’s Here!

The summer brings with it joy, reverie and several photo opportunities. Raj Lalwani tells you 25 tips to keep in…

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Minimalism with Space

Here, the negative space has it’s own texture, pattern and a character to lend to the main subject..” Photography/Steve Loya…