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After the first few shots in this series, which were silhouettes, I started composing my frames with a single green leaf in it. To my eye, the images immediately became more meaningful. Photograph/K Madhavan Pillai
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K Madhavan Pillai: Exploring Fallen Leaves

After the first few shots in this series, which were silhouettes, I started composing my frames with a single green…

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About: Buying a New Camera

So you want to purchase a shiny new camera but do you realise that it’s not just about picking one…

Besides allowing you to shoot self portraits, cellphones make for easy editing of images, like creating this collage for instance. Photograph/Raj Lalwani
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The Humble Cameraphone

Besides permitting you to shoot self portraits, cell phones make for simple enhancing of pictures, like growing this collage for…

Remember dreams in which you are doing impossible but amazing things like flying or even levitating? Self portraiture can bottle these concepts into fun images. Exposure: 1/50sec at f/3.5 (ISO 200) Photograph/Soumya Jayaraman
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Tripod Techniques: Decoding Selfie-ism

Self portraits are the most efficient conceivable techniques to discover your individuality and also are nice apply grounds for studying…

Observe the shadows formed by sunlight. In the afternoon, the shadows are shorter and they become longer as the evening wears on. Exposure: f/7.1, 1/1250sec, ISO 200 Time: 3:00pm. Photograph/Jolka Igolka
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24 Hour Special: Early Evening Magic

Observe the shadows shaped via daylight. In the afternoon, the shadows are shorter they usually turn out to be longer…

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Simple Tips For Your Own Motorcycle Diaries

Ketan Kundargi tells you what to remember when making a visible diary of that highway commute you’re about to take. In…

Shot at the Galleria mall in Mumbai, this image works because of the attention paid to composition. Ensure that your frame is well balanced. Photographh/Swapan Mukherjee
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25 Tips for Amazing Architecture Photos!

Ambarin Afsar is helping you recognize the quite a lot of tactics through which you can seize the sweetness and grandeur…

While the rocks gently break the flow of water, the green moss and foliage add a lot of colour to the frame. Exposure: 15sec at f/16 (ISO 100). Photograph/Rahul Sud
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Shoot Blurs: Smooth Waterfalls

While the rocks gently ruin the float of water, the golf green moss and foliage upload numerous color to the…

It is not always necessary to choose a white balance setting that makes the colours neutral. Choosing the ‘wrong’ white balance setting adds a different tint to a photo—like this blue cast because of shooting in Tungsten mode. Photograph/Yarik Mission
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Breaking The Norm!

It isn’t at all times vital to make a choice a white steadiness atmosphere that makes the colors impartial. Choosing…

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Quirks in the City

I used to be looking forward to a bus when this scene opened up a number of kilometres clear of…