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Predrag Vuckovic The Action
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Predrag Vuckovic: The Action Expert

There is a sense of mystical wonder in Predrag’s underwater images. It is almost as if you are visiting an…

The Screenplay of Life
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The Screenplay of Life

A single window is lit by a fire raging inside. This gives the image an eerie feeling. Photograph/Gireesh G V…

1646137814 Mike Brodie Juvenile Prosperity
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Mike Brodie: Juvenile Prosperity

Brodie’s initial plan was to shoot until his father was released from prison in 2012. The duo would have then…

1644925958 Ira Block In Pursuit of the Narrative
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Ira Block: In Pursuit of the Narrative

Conchita Fernandes, while in conversation with Ira Block, discovers the various facets involved in picture-making, and what it takes to…

1638275734 The Forgotten Ones scaled
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The Forgotten Ones

A few children interacting, and passing their toys to one another through their balconies, Mumbai, 2015. Photograph/Abeer Khan Abeer Khan…

Orange Matte: She loves dimly lit, dark environments and the light that filters from windows and doors. There are traces of lives lived, old peeled paint, rust, decay and grime. Photograph/Feyza Ceylan
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Ruin Aesthetic

Feyza Ceylan, an architect from Turkey, stocks her attention-grabbing concepts and reviews about derelict areas in a dialog with Ambarin…

Instead of only using complex lighting setups, he prefers to let the concept dictate his style. Photograph/Suni Raju
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Where Worlds Collide, with Sunil Raju

Instead of best the use of complicated lighting fixtures setups, he prefers to let the idea that dictate his taste.…

1632847794 Ebb and Flow with Shinichi Maruyama
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Ebb and Flow with Shinichi Maruyama

Through his sequence known as Kusho, Shinichi has bridged the distance between calligraphy within the air and calligraphy on paper.…