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1655207033 Klaudia Cechini In Search of the Self
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Klaudia Cechini: In Search of the Self

Her photo sessions are usually inside her house as she considers it as an asylum and a sanctuary. She plays…

1646137814 Mike Brodie Juvenile Prosperity
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Mike Brodie: Juvenile Prosperity

Brodie‚Äôs initial plan was to shoot until his father was released from prison in 2012. The duo would have then…

1644925958 Ira Block In Pursuit of the Narrative
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Ira Block: In Pursuit of the Narrative

Conchita Fernandes, while in conversation with Ira Block, discovers the various facets involved in picture-making, and what it takes to…

1638275734 The Forgotten Ones scaled
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The Forgotten Ones

A few children interacting, and passing their toys to one another through their balconies, Mumbai, 2015. Photograph/Abeer Khan Abeer Khan…

1634060374 Prashanth Vishwanathan Dynamic Storytelling
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Prashanth Vishwanathan: Dynamic Storytelling

Prashanth has all the time noticed and photographed in color, which he thinks is a lot more difficult than taking…