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Three different exposures of this photograph were shot and combined in Photoshop to get details throughout the scene. A small aperture helped cause a sunburst. Exposure: f/22, 1/1600sec, 1/800sec, 1/3200sec, ISO 1000 Time: 12 noon. Photograph/Rohit S Krishnan
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24 Hour Special: Harsh Light of High Noon

Three other exposures of this {photograph} have been shot and mixed in Photoshop to get main points all the way…

Observe the shadows formed by sunlight. In the afternoon, the shadows are shorter and they become longer as the evening wears on. Exposure: f/7.1, 1/1250sec, ISO 200 Time: 3:00pm. Photograph/Jolka Igolka
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24 Hour Special: Early Evening Magic

Observe the shadows shaped via daylight. In the afternoon, the shadows are shorter they usually turn out to be longer…

Dusk is a great time to shoot reflections. The low light at sundown also allows you to use slow shutterspeeds for creative blurs. Exposure: f/8, 1/20sec, ISO 400 Time: 6.45pm. Photograph/Raj Lalwani
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24 Hour Special: As the Sun Goes Down

Dusk is a smart time to shoot reflections. The low mild at sunset additionally means that you can use gradual…