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Cutting Chai with Riddhi Parekh
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Cutting Chai, with Riddhi Parekh

I decided to completely eliminate the human element from the frame to create abstract forms. Photograph/Riddhi Parekh Riddhi Parekh combines…

Learn from the Masters Ashok Salian
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Learn from the Masters: Ashok Salian

Simple shapes and colours can make effective compositions. Photograph/Ashok Salian Ashok Salian On the occasion of Better Photography magazine’s thirteenth anniversary…

Backlight Magic
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Backlight Magic

The evening light, just before the sunset, lent a very dramatic effect to this flower. I burnt out the flower…

My Dream Lens John Isaac
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My Dream Lens: John Isaac

I have visited over 100 countries, but my favourite place is Kashmir, for the manner in which the play of…

Exploring a Point of View
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Exploring a Point of View

In the evening, a man sat, peacefully, performing yoga. The juxtaposition of his symbolic stance in front of the setting…

1649353612 257 Minimalism with Space
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Minimalism with Space

Here, the negative space has it’s own texture, pattern and a character to lend to the main subject..” Photography/Steve Loya…

The Red Channel: I was intrigued by the brilliant red between the white longitudinal lines (which is in a hemispherical structure, mapping the inside of the heavens on earth). They seem to give a feeling of blood flowing in a pure, clean body. Photograph/Sanjay Nanda
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Yantra Mantra and its Spatial Art

The Red Channel: I used to be intrigued via the bright pink between the white longitudinal traces (which is in…

Colour can be one of the most overpowering elements of a photograph. Photograph/Ritesh Uttamchandani
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Portrait Special: Into a Vast World

Colour can also be some of the overpowering components of a {photograph}. Photograph/Ritesh Uttamchandani Ambarin Afsar explains how one should…

It is not always necessary to choose a white balance setting that makes the colours neutral. Choosing the ‘wrong’ white balance setting adds a different tint to a photo—like this blue cast because of shooting in Tungsten mode. Photograph/Yarik Mission
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Breaking The Norm!

It isn’t at all times vital to make a choice a white steadiness atmosphere that makes the colors impartial. Choosing…

The moment I found this dump, I drew a sketch to convey what we are doing to our environment. I almost burnt my own fingers in the process! Photograph/Ben Heine
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Ben Heine: Pencil Vs Camera!

  The second I discovered this unload, I drew a caricature to put across what we’re doing to the environment.…