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A World of Mirrors

Ambarin Afsar spends a lovely time reliving Gabriel García Márquez’s global with Fausto Giaccone, who has wandered thru Gabo’s introduction…

Remember dreams in which you are doing impossible but amazing things like flying or even levitating? Self portraiture can bottle these concepts into fun images. Exposure: 1/50sec at f/3.5 (ISO 200) Photograph/Soumya Jayaraman
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Tripod Techniques: Decoding Selfie-ism

Self portraits are the most efficient conceivable techniques to discover your individuality and also are nice apply grounds for studying…

Shot at the Galleria mall in Mumbai, this image works because of the attention paid to composition. Ensure that your frame is well balanced. Photographh/Swapan Mukherjee
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25 Tips for Amazing Architecture Photos!

Ambarin Afsar is helping you recognize the quite a lot of tactics through which you can seize the sweetness and grandeur…

The wonderful orange sky acts as negative space and surrounds the flock of birds perched on a wire, effectively conveying a sense of scale and magnitude. Photograph/Sindhur Reddy
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The Mysterious Spaces

Kyun Perfect use of house could make your pictures glance attention-grabbing. Ambarin Afsar presentations you easy methods to decode the…