Tabitha Soren considers the integrity of our interaction with images
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Tabitha Soren considers the integrity of our interaction with images of crisis on our screens

In exhibitions, Soren’s Surface Tension footage are huge, even huge, in scale, forcing the viewer to confront visceral proof — the “oily, messy, teary and sweaty” as she describes it — of our untiring interactions with the screens of our gadgets. “The human markings are reputedly at odds with the cold detachment and objectivity of the knowledge that flows against us, unrelentingly,” she explains. “If I don’t enlarge them, this struggle gained’t be pronounced sufficient.”

Soren and RVB adeptly translate this revel in from the partitions, conveying the venture’s considerations via the e book medium. Closed, the e book is fairly greater than the moderate iPad, which allows simple delving into the richly textured pictures, whilst alluding to the scale and revel in of the tool. Highly shiny paper and UV varnish is used all over and the reproductions are surrounded by way of skinny, black borders, additionally evoking pill and mobile phone screens. Full-page reproductions the place the on-screen content material is reasonably legible are mixed with extremely magnified main points emphasising the physicality of our interactions with those gadgets, eschewing obtrusive context.

“There are one or two puts the place the entire symbol isn’t proven,” she tells me. “At first, my response used to be to check out to discover a position for the complete body symbol in the e book. However, I grew to love the courting between best appearing glimpses, main points in the case of a e book, of the scene. It used to be conceptually germane to glue the superficial revel in of experiencing lifestyles on-line to the partial main points we decided on for the e book.” 

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