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Storytelling on the Streets

Finding Humour in the Everyday

The everyday exists in all its beauty on the streets. It combines glamour, irony, happiness, honesty and sadness all at once. So, why should your street photography story be serious? Funny incidents are always happening around us as we go about our daily lives. Train stations, parks, tea shops can be witness to a humourous moment. Keep your camera ready and shoot!

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A wide angle will help you capture the important elements that become a part of a frame.

Make Use of Juxtaposition

Street photography establishes relationships amongst multiple subjects. The use of juxtaposition in photography helps balance the two contrasting features. Pair any two or more opposite elements together and watch as the moment transcends into a more meaningful one.

Juxtapositions can be found everywhere, in big cities to little towns. For example, an old man with a young boy, the rich with the poor… the storytelling opportunities are aplenty.

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Using unique vantage points will help you better express the photo story. Never stop looking for a new way to frame a moment. Photograph/Tejas Kudtarkar

Atypical Points of View

It may sound like a cliché, but the only way in which you can discover new meaning to the various moments that unfold around you is to explore the frame with different angles.

As soon as you find a subject to make a photo of, try as many angles as you possibly can. Even if it means lying on the ground, you should certainly do it. Exploring different vantage points is key to find the perfect frame.

Make Strong Edits

Just like telling a story, each photo you make on the streets has the potential to be a great story itself. Once you have made a substantial amount of images, start looking at the photos you have shot. Begin by selecting the best pictures of the lot and giving them a sequence.

Arrange the images in a way that a story flows through the frames. Eliminate the images that disrupt the flow or do not fit in with the rest. This might help you find a whole new series, which just might be completely different from what you had intended to shoot.



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