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Social media is NOT your portfolio. Wait, what?

In this video photographer and content material author Peter McKinnon explains why he’s utterly modified his thoughts about what pictures you must be sharing on social media, and the way it pertains to your portfolio and total paintings.

Peter says that a number of years in the past he used to curate his Instagram feed extraordinarily moderately, handiest posting his best paintings, ensuring the grid was once just about best, flowing with the seasons of the yr. If he didn’t have an excellent symbol one week, he simply wouldn’t put up the rest.

I was a company believer that my social media was once my portfolio. If you sought after to peer what sort of photographer I used to be, you can move to my Instagram. That is the portfolio. – Peter McKinnon

But by way of 2021 Peter explains that he has modified his thoughts and doesn’t consider that this is the case anymore, for quite a few causes.

  1. Not everyone has social media. Added to that no longer everybody is on each unmarried platform. There are such a lot of differing kinds nowadays that it will be unimaginable to hide each unmarried platform, and you most likely wouldn’t wish to. Relying on any 3rd birthday celebration to host your portfolio and being on the whims in their phrases and stipulations is in reality no longer an excellent spot to be. MySpace any one?
  2. You need so that you can make a decision how you need other people to understand your frame of labor. If they simply occur to peer a few random movies on TikTok they’ll get a broadly other influence of your paintings, than in the event that they see a gallery of your very best pictures, moderately decided on and labored on.
  3. You wish to display your versatility. That’s a lot more tricky to do on social media as a result of invariably other people wish to see a distinct segment on those platforms. In order to interact fans you wish to have to cater to them, and that most certainly doesn’t serve you smartly in appearing what you’re in a position to doing.
  4. You want to use phrases! Yes, you need so that you can keep in touch no longer simply via pictures but in addition via phrases, and having just a social media feed doesn’t let you do that very successfully. Again other people would possibly learn just a few posts and entirely misunderstand what it is you’re doing and what you stand for.
  5. If you’re a filmmaker then you wish to have a reel. No one has time to visit your YouTube channel and sift via heaps of vlogs, critiques and tutorials to search out the beef of your paintings.
  6. You don’t wish to depend on DM’s for speaking

So what’s the answer then? Well to be fair it’s slightly of a no brainer, it’s ‘get a web page!’ Even typing this out feels foolish, however you can be amazed at what number of photographers we carry in this web page, in particular final touch winners who handiest have social media for us to hyperlink to. If I’m taking a look at any person’s paintings and wish an instantaneous influence of what they do then I will be able to all the time move to their web page first over their social media feed.

Peter additionally issues out that when you’ve got your personal web page you’ve got larger regulate over promoting merchandise similar to framed prints and tutorials, with no need to pay a fee to a 3rd birthday celebration.

Now I do know what you’re most certainly pondering. It’s all really well for a man with over 5 million fans who is being paid by way of a web page platform to present this recommendation, however in reality, I feel he has some excellent issues. A pal of mine is a trade trainer for other people operating within the ingenious arts and her most sensible piece of recommendation is to ensure your web page is functioning smartly in relation to Google searches. You want to be running a blog, have key phrases in position and be optimising your search engine optimization as a result of that is the place her purchasers are discovering the vast majority of possible consumers and purchasers. Not via social media.

Yes, you continue to want social media, however individuals are striking a long way an excessive amount of worth on it in relation to what returns it’s bringing. Social media must in reality be a kind of appetiser which sends other people to your web page, the place they are able to to find out extra about you and your paintings.

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