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SIGMA 60th Anniversary Commemorative Photography Awards, Winners

Some of the very best names in the industry were a part of the judging panel for the contest—Narasimhan, Mandar Ghumare, Shannon Heng, Sarathy Selvamani, Kshitij Sheetak, and Nishant Gala—bringing in their expertise that span the various genres of photography as well as cinematography. From the thousands of entries that we received, the images were shortlisted and presented to the panelists, who, through a three-step judging process narrowed down the entries to give us the winners and runners-up in each category based on the composition and technique used in the photograph as well as the story behind it. To select the overall winner, each judge was invited to participate in an online group discussion where once again they deliberated over the merits of all the nominated photographs.

SIGMA fp camera worth Rs.2,15,000

SIGMA fp camera worth Rs.2,15,000

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