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Shutter Cycle

What is a shutter cycle?

Just like any mechanical moving part, the camera’s shutter curtain and gears are subject to wear and tear as well. Each time the shutter opens and closes, it has completed one cycle. Professional DSLRs are usually rated to have a much longer shutter life.

Calculating the Shutter Cycle

Camera manufacturers use proprietary equipment to calculate shutter cycles. They release the shutter button and check for any variations in shutterspeeds after every few cycles. A trip to the service centre can reveal the number of shutter cycles your camera has gone through and subsequently the ‘age’ of your camera’s shutter.

A Common Misconception

It is untrue that your camera will stop functioning after it has completed its rated number of shutter cycles. What may happen is that the camera’s shutter accuracy might decrease—there might be a minuscule difference in shutterspeeds, which may not even be apparent to the user.

In most cases, a camera’s shutter continues to function perfectly, well beyond the rated number of shutter cycles. However, the care with which you handle your camera plays an important role in shutter life expectancy.

Repair and Replacement

Minor variations in shutterspeeds, which are usually detected only at the service centre, may be rectified with an electronic recalibration. But, if the shutter stops working completely, it may necessitate the replacement of the entire shutter block.

1651244642 296 Shutter Cycle

A shutter block.


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