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Should you sell your RAW files if a client wants them?

Do you let your shoppers have the unedited pictures at the side of the edited ones? Do you suppose that’s how to move or it’s a large no-no? There are other critiques in this subject. In this video from Adorama, David Bergman discusses why you must and shouldn’t sell your RAW files to shoppers.

First of all, when your shoppers ask for a “RAW” or “unique” document, they won’t in point of fact imply the uncompressed CR3 or NEF document. Maybe they simply need the unedited JPEGs as a result of they suspect you’re no longer handing over the pictures on the absolute best solution or high quality. To get to the bottom of this, you must have a dialog with them to determine what they’re in point of fact soliciting for. Also, give an explanation for to them that the edited JPEGs you supply are prime sufficient in solution in high quality.

Now, if they would like the true RAW files, is there a good thing about promoting them? Well, there no doubt is the obvious one: cash. If you make a decision to provide your shoppers the RAW files, you must worth them upper, particularly if they need to do the prints on their very own and no longer purchase them from you.

Even regardless that you may just doubtlessly earn extra from promoting the RAW files at the side of the processed JPEGs. David nonetheless votes “no” on doing it, and there are a few causes for that.

First, a RAW document “isn’t somewhat completed but,” so as to say. In the movie days, it could be like promoting your damaging. Sure, you need to get the picture as just right as conceivable in-camera, however growing the general symbol nonetheless no less than some quantity of touching up.

Then, you as a photographer have a particular glance or taste in your photographs. And this actual taste is strictly what made your shoppers select you. Of route, everyone knows that each and every taste calls for some firming and different edits earlier than changing the picture from RAW to JPG. So, your RAW photographs are perhaps a ways from representing your taste.

And ultimate however no longer least, maximum non-photographers don’t also have the instrument they wish to open RAW files. And if they do, they’ll be modifying your photographs, which is almost certainly one thing you don’t need.

I utterly believe David on promoting the RAW files. While there could also be a monetary get advantages, I’d really feel unprofessional if I bought them. For me, it could be precisely like promoting unfinished paintings, and I’ve by no means achieved that with the rest I made, be it an embroidery art work, a piece of jewellery, or a {photograph}.

Now let me know, do you let your shoppers have the RAW files too, or do you best ship the edited JPEGs?

[Should you sell your RAW files? | Ask David Bergman | Adorama]

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