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Shooting with “Focal Opposites” for Photos with a Fresh Look (VIDEO)

We all fall into a inventive rut now and again, and that’s ceaselessly as a result of we take the similar way to no matter we shoot. For portraits we most often succeed in for a brief telephoto, and a wide-angle lens is normally our selection for panorama pictures.

If you end up within the doldrums, one technique to get the inventive juices flowing once more is to move out capturing with two lenses that one professional calls “focal opposites.” The thought is to briefly put aside technical issues and pay attention to creating your photographic imaginative and prescient—or what’s frequently known as “the artwork of seeing.”

By forcing your self to peer issues in a different way, you’ll be shocked via how briefly your pictures tackle a contemporary glance. In the fast video beneath photographer Mark Holtze illustrates how he captures compelling pictures with two dramatically other focal lengths.

If you’ve watched the tutorials we posted with Holtze previously, you understand he’s a large fan of the usage of reasonably priced adapters to shoot with antique guide center of attention lenses on fashionable virtual cameras. For this demonstration his lenses of selection are two Minolta Rokkor primes that could not be extra other—an ultra-wide 21mm f/2.8 and the telephoto 200mm f/2.5.

Both lenses are very talked-about and they may be able to continuously be discovered on eBay. In this educational you’ll see what occurs when Holtze mounts those legacy lenses on a Panasonic Lumix S1H full-frame mirrorless camera.

After an enchanting video creation, Holtze items a fast overview of the 21mm and 200mm Rokkors and he contains specifications and pattern pictures. He additionally explains manner those lenses paintings so neatly in combination. And for the ones of you who shoot video, Holtze contains video samples too.

The function of this episode isn’t to inspire you to move out and buy those particular lenses, even though they each carry out rather well. Rather, the theory is extend your imaginative and prescient via spending a day capturing with any two lenses of very other focal lengths.

You can in finding extra guidelines and tips on Holtze’s YouTube channel and in a educational we posted not too long ago from every other professional, explaining what he says is “the one lens every landscape photographer should own.”

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