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Seven reasons to shoot at the same location over and over again

How again and again are you able to {photograph} the actual same factor, over and over again?

I’ve requested myself that query too again and again, with regard to a definite native monument, the ancient, majestic pier that greets guests to the small Los Angeles seaside neighborhood I reside in.

Manhattan Beach, California is anchored by way of the ancient, 101-year-old Pier at land’s finish.

And folks in reality like it. I will do the maximum wonderful portrait, strange side road pictures task, a celeb, you identify it. Nothing will get the reaction {that a} shot of the Pier does. And the general public don’t notice I’ve taken the same shot (or identical) over and over.

But actually, I haven’t. Because whilst the construction is the same, the setting aren’t. They exchange day by day, relying upon the time of the yr, proper?

I suppose different photographers have the same abnormal dating with native monuments, bridges, and the like. Our problem, is how to stay it attention-grabbing for us? Because it’s now not like we’re going to prevent photographing them.

Here’s how I glance at it.

1. Every day is other

Not precisely, however what the Pier looks as if in December is much other from July and the middle of the summer time. It’s now not like we get snow out right here, however we do see other colours to the skies, with richer blues in July and clouds in the wintry weather. These variations are massive and make the power chronicling price it.

2. Sunsets!

The wonderful thing about a sundown is that no surroundings of the solar and post-color display are ever the same. Thus a 2019 sundown simply gained’t glance the same as a 2021 version. Sunset season right here starts in November and gained’t let up till February. So that’s over 100 extra makes an attempt to get the best shot.

3. Fire and rain.

In Southern California, hearth season has a tendency to hit in overdue summer time, early fall, and the smoke from the ashes provides moody colours to our skies. Rain offers us superior next-day reflections. We would possibly even get a rainbow.

4. Time of the day.

The Pier with the solar beating down on it noon is wealthy in colour, whilst wintry weather mornings give it a fab glow.

5. Modern era

I’ve a bonus lots of you don’t have in that the town fathers this yr went out and purchased new lamps for the pier that adjust colours by means of an app. This week I photographed the Pier with a pink hue. For Valentine’s, I were given the red glance.

6. There’s at all times every other attitude.

I’ve photographed the pier from the left, proper, beneath, and over. I’ve stood in entrance of it, by way of its facet and at once on it. Every attitude provides slightly one thing other. And now that we have got wonderful drones, we will be able to get new photographs in some way we by no means dreamed of a couple of years in the past.

7. It’s the way you glance at it.

Are the waves crashing better than same old nowadays? Is there a fab mirrored image from low tide? These are issues I search for each day once I’m down at the seaside with my camera.

Every time I believe I’ve the best shot, I glance at the Pier and I see one thing new calling to me. Even after years of residing and photographing right here.

And thank you to virtual, it doesn’t price me a dime to stay attempting. So I assume I’ll by no means surrender.

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Jefferson Graham is a Los Angeles writer-photographer, the host of the Photowalks go back and forth pictures sequence, which simply started its 2nd season on YouTube. A former tech columnist for USA TODAY, Graham is an teacher for, and may also be discovered on Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard, and Facebook.

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