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Seal-cam found after three years at sea with footage intact

When a seal-mounted camera were given misplaced in 2018, scientists believed they might by no means in finding it once more. But now, after greater than three years of being misplaced at sea, the camera used to be retrieved. And the most efficient of all: the footage on it used to be intact and it’s giving scientists a treasured perception about gray seals’ lifestyles.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) biologist Damian Lidgard says that he used to be “completely stunned” when the camera used to be found. He connected it to a tender male gray seal on 31 December 2017, CBC Nova Scotia writes. He was hoping that the seal would come ashore so he may get the camera, however alas – the seal and the camera gave the impression to have other plans. “Basically for the following three or 4 weeks, each unmarried day, I searched Sable searching for that male and not found him,” Lidgard instructed CBC. But in any case, he gave up, believing that the camera’s destiny used to be sealed.

The $10,000 fell off the seal and ended up at the ocean ground. And this summer time, a Clearwater Seafoods vessel found it on Banquereau Bank whilst fishing for surf clams. According to CBC, a staff member reached out to the producer first, and in the end reconnected the camera with Lidgard.

“There had been some marks at the camera, however typically it used to be in excellent form,” Lidgard stated. “My first impact used to be that it’s survived remarkably neatly, for the reason that it’s been at the ground of the sea.” He wasn’t in point of fact hoping to get the footage from the camera that spend over the years at the ground of the sea, however he used to be glad to peer that there have been 19 hours of treasured footage nonetheless there.

As I discussed, the footage supplies some treasured details about the gray seals’ conduct. “The dive profile of a slumbering seal is sort of a U-shape,” Lidgard defined. “The seal is going all the way down to the ground, spends time at the ground, then comes as much as the skin.”

Now that the camera is again, it’s going to be used once more to watch seals’ conduct. Next month, it’s going to be connected to a feminine seal, so it’s going to be retrieved when she is again at the shore to offer beginning. “Less rigidity. Less nervousness,” Lidgard concludes.

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