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Save some money by 3D printing your own camera gear

Individuals steadily to find it nerve-racking to pay for added gear after already spending an enormous quantity at the camera itself. Thankfully, 3D printing can assist the ones on a good finances. Not most effective is it cost-saving, however can be offering customers massive flexibility with regards to design and distinctiveness. To be candid, there’s no restrict to the probabilities, given the advances taking place round additive production generation.

Whether you might be an unbiased filmmaker or a qualified, a 3D printer is there for your rescue. You can create equipment comparable to organizational gear, mounts, lens caps, shoulder rigs and whatnot. Most importantly, you wouldn’t have to seem thru heaps of marketplaces to seek out the precise fit for your wishes. Just adjust the present design to create distinctive gears and equipment.

If you already own a 3D Printer and you might be at ease spending some of your unfastened time printing, listed below are some of the techniques you’ll be able to use 3D printing to create camera gear on your own and save numerous money within the procedure.

Camera Slider

Source: Thingiverse

The design is to be had on Thingiverse and is without doubt one of the most dear items of gear you steadily want when filming actions. Yes, it’s the Camera Slider. The design is modest and does now not want rafts or helps for printing.

As in keeping with the fashion designer, it’s endorsed to make use of the 0.2 mm solution together with 30 in keeping with cent infill to reach the wanted power and accuracy. Overall, it is a straightforward 3D print mission which even a novice can entire with out a lot trouble.

And, you’ll be able to in an instant make your camera in a position for the cool filming initiatives.

A Tabletop Tripod

Source: Thingiverse

It’s at all times at hand to hold tabletop tripods together with your camera. And, with this design, it’s going to be more straightforward to pack your tripod with your camera, without having for making extra room for a similar. With Its small footprint and balanced design, this gear can resolve many issues when capturing.

Either you might be filming small shorts, or require a compact resolution for preserving your camera company at the pass, this accent will actually take the ache away. Letting customers set the required attitude the usage of a couple of additional nuts together with bolts, the tripod permits customers to stabilize the camera instantly.

In addition, you’ll be able to simply fold the tripod as it’s collapsible. Just take into account, the design is for a smaller camera and may also swimsuit the time-lapse shoots.

But if this fashion doesn’t swimsuit the scale of your camera, you’ll be able to merely edit it or create a brand new one solely, as a result of that’s what 3D Modeling device is all about. With 3D modeling, one can create a digital 3-dimensional fashion for any imaginary or present real-world object they would like and feature it 3D Printed.

Shotgun Mic Shock Mount Grip

Source: Thingiverse

If you might be up for printing a mic grip, how about this fashionable and handheld shock mount design. The fashion designer has used the size of a Rode NTG1/2. Therefore, the grip will paintings without difficulty for any mic having a most diameter of round 22mm.

This is usually a actually nice support for the ones running by myself. However, any person can 3D Print the design, if searching for slightly extra comfort whilst capturing.

Glidecam taste stabiliser

Source: Thingiverse

If you might be up for a problem, why now not 3D print your own glidecam. The design is available on Thingiverse. Although slightly complicated to create for newcomers, in case you are in a position to position within the effort, the time spent at the design can be utterly definitely worth the laborious paintings.

Being very helpful in developing stabilized photographs which might transform an issue for shaky palms, the gear may allow you to click on like a qualified. Just take into account, from printing to meeting, you are going to require slightly bit of data. Thankfully, you’ll be able to to find a lot of in depth tutorials and movies on-line.

Camera Gimbal

Source: Thingiverse

Those in need of to print one thing this is more practical too can opt for a camera gimbal. These are robust and relatively more practical to print. Not most effective is it very helpful in making sure strong clicks however unquestionably a amusing gear to make use of.

Follow Focus Solutions

Source: Thingiverse

Many pros like to head guide when adjusting the point of interest. This permits people to score the particular settings they want for each and every shot. And, if you wish to apply the similar regimen, this apply focal point resolution can be a super support.

This amazing design isn’t just most simple to 3D Print however is handy to make use of as neatly. You can focal point your lens whilst having the ability to stabilize the clicks. All you want to do is zip-tie the broadcast accent to your lens. And, it’s going to allow you to accept the most productive photographs.

Above all, studying to focal point appropriately will take you from being an novice to anyone with nice filming revel in. So, create this gear and stay clicking and filming dynamic and engaging photographs. What’s very best is that the design is suitable to paintings with any form of lenses you own.

Lens Caps

Source: Thingiverse

It isn’t a wonder to stay shedding lens caps too steadily. Numerous filmmakers and scholars undergo the similar drawback. While it will appear to be a inexpensive funding to get a brand new one, calculating the price of all of the substitute would depart you in surprise.

When changing lens caps over a longer duration, you spend numerous money. Therefore, it’s sensible to seek out another resolution for a similar.

With 3D Printers, you’ll be able to make your lens caps for far much less charge. And, those are quite simple to 3D print. Plus, you’ll be able to select your favorite color as neatly for printing the design. Just check the design available for your particular lens, and you’ll be able to print it instantly. If you might be excellent at designing, you’ll be able to get ready the 3D document your self.

Steadicam taste stabiliser

Source: Thingiverse

Well, chances are you’ll now not get the similar skilled effects with this Steadicam that you just do with an actual one, it’s nonetheless higher than having none. Luckily, you’ll be able to save 1000’s of bucks by making one for your self. The design is very best for newcomers making plans to experiment with camera gear for reaching upper high quality movies.

This one isn’t strictly 3D printing, however you’ll be able to connect a laser to many 3D printers to show them into laser cutters. Overall, there’s no approach you’ll be able to forget about having a Steadicam if you have the technique to make it for any such reasonable value.


3D printing has been in a position to go away many obstacles from the previous in the back of. Today, now not most effective are the units out there to nearly everybody, those have transform extra robust and exemplary. So, why now not use the generation to carry your charge down when seeking to transform higher with your filming talents? Print this gear and benefit from the distinction you succeed in in your photographs, for excellent.

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