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Quote of the Week by Waswo X Waswo

1650269342 193 Quote of the Week by Waswo X Waswo“Soon I discovered that my love for story-telling was very much alive. The individual photographs that I made began to tell a story. To this day I never see my work as individual statements, but rather, portions of a much larger tale.” —Waswo X Waswo

Waswo X Waswo is an American photographer and poet, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has lived and travelled in India for over twenty years and he has made his home in Udaipur, Rajasthan, for the past thirteen. Best known for his hand-tinted black and white photographs of people from the streets of the state, he has studied at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, The Milwaukee Center for Photography, and Studio Marangoni, The Centre for Contemporary Photography in Florence, Italy. His work includes his sepia-toned photographs of Indian landscapes and people, compiled in a book called ‘India Poems: The Photographs’, and his autobiographical miniature work, painted on wasli paper by R. Vijay. Some of his other books include Men of Rajasthan, Photowallah, and Gauri Dancers, Mapin. There he collaborates with a variety of local artists including the photo hand-colourist Rajesh Soni. His works are in the collections of Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University, USA; the Golda Meir Library, USA, Carrol College Art Archives, USA; Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi and the Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai among others.


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