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Quote of the Week by Tina Barney

1652691099 919 Quote of the Week by Tina Barney“For me, the fascination of portraiture is in the relationship between the photographer and the subject. For my work to be successful there must be a play among several elements: what is subconsciously there; what sitters do for the camera; what happens when I am with them and the unplanned things that happen. I take a lot of pictures and when I am shooting, I almost go into a trance. It all happens so fast that not until afterwards can I see whether all of the elements coalesce. It’s like magic.” —Tina Barney (1945)

Tina Barney uses portraiture to capture the lifestyles and family dynamics of those around her. Her large-scale colour photographs are reminiscent of classical portraiture, but they depict the confines and lifestyles of modernity, most often of the artist’s affluent friends and family. Born and raised in New York, Barney’s photographic career began in the 1970’s. Barney has completed workshops with Frederick Sommer, Roger Mertin, Joyce Niemanas, Duane Michals, Nathan Lyons, John Pfahl, and Robert Cumming. She was the recipient of the 1991 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship and the 2010 Lucie Award for Achievement in Portraiture. Barney’s published works include Players (2010), The Europeans (2005), Theater of Manners: Tina Barney (1997), and Friends and Relations (1992). Her works have appeared in numerous publications, editorial work, group shows, and solo shows including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.


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