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Quote of the Week by Takuma Nakahira

1649838966 43 Quote of the Week by Takuma Nakahira“I believe that photography is neither creation nor memory, but documents. The act of shooting a photograph is not something abstract. It is always concrete. No manipulation to make simple things complicated through conceptualization. Only the real I encountered through the medium of the camera is here in my photographs.” —Takuma Nakahira (1938-2015)

Takuma Nakahira revolutionised post-war Japanese photography with his dark, expressionistic images that captured the uncertainty, exhilaration, and tumult of life in the decades following World War II. As well as a critically acclaimed photographer, Nakahira was a writer, critic, and political activist, whose groundbreaking ideas and essays about visual expression led to the publication of Provoke: Provocative Materials for Thought (first published 1968), a radical, short-lived journal that nevertheless had a profound impact on visual culture in Japan. Nakahira and his contemporaries introduced what became known as the are, bure, boke (rough, blurred, out-of-focus) style of photography, pushing the camera well beyond its previous use as a documentary or propaganda tool. His works are in the collections of  the Museum of Fine Art, National Museum of Photography, Royal Library, New York Public Library, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and The Museum of Modern Art.


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