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Quote of the Week by Burk Uzzle

“A photographer’s best pictures are from deep inside him, and also some of the worst. Some photographers enjoy distinguished careers without ever taking personal photographs. Others, audaciously and arrogantly and courageously discharge their most private feelings through photography. Trouble is, sometimes it all adds up to baloney.” —Burk Uzzle (1938)

Burk Uzzle’s photographs are often a blend of American culture, along with the individuality of the people and places he chooses as his subjects. He holds the title of being the youngest photographer ever hired by LIFE magazine, at the age of 23. For 15 years, Uzzle was a part of Magnum and served as its President from 1979 to 1980. His most recognisable works are of Woodstock, the assassination and funeral of Martin Luther King Jr and of Cambodian war refugees.


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