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Pros and cons of listing full prices on your wedding photography website

It turns out to me like there’s been an everlasting debate about whether or not or now not you will have to put your full prices on your wedding photography website. Some say “no method,” and others say “completely.” But the most productive answer may in fact be someplace in between. In this video, Matt Johnson stocks some professionals and cons of striking your prices on your website and suggests another answer that might paintings easiest.


In the video, Matt talks about wedding videography, however the recommendation is de facto appropriate to photography as neatly. So, when will have to you set the prices?

If you’re in your first years of capturing weddings, revealing the full pricing is a good suggestion. The pageant is fierce to start with and you’re principally competing based totally on your payment. That quantity is what issues essentially the most to {couples} at that time, so it may be a perfect merit for you – the couple will pass to your website, in finding the prices and achieve out if they are able to have enough money your products and services.

Speaking of affordability – {couples} will routinely disqualify themselves in the event that they don’t have the cheap for you. This method you’ll keep away from the haggling and the awkward conversations that may spend your time and nonetheless now not deliver you a gig.

These guidelines, in Matt’s opinion, are appropriate when you rate as much as $3,000 for wedding filming. Still, the associated fee ratio is dependent on your nation or area, so that you will have to determine it out for your self.


As you get started charging greater than your “novice threshold,” you’ll see a shift each in your pageant and in your {couples}. There’s much less pageant, the marketplace is more healthy, and the {couples} are much less price-sensitive than the ones with smaller budgets.

However, there’s a catch. The {couples} received’t pick out you based totally on your payment to any extent further. They’re in search of high quality and you need to in point of fact display the talent and revel in. This is whilst you will have to take time to shape a courting with the couple – display them your high quality website and paintings, introduce them to you and your easiest movies or pictures, and then give them the prices.

The choice answer

Finally, there’s a “hybrid” possibility that Matt says works easiest for him. Personally, that’s additionally what I might make a choice: don’t put up all your prices. Let the {couples} see your easiest content material on your website, and simplest record your beginning payment (the associated fee of your most cost-effective package deal). This filters out the {couples} who can’t have enough money you so that they received’t achieve out, and {couples} who can have enough money you’re going to get a touch of what they are able to be expecting.

I am hoping that this video is helping you make a decision what you will have to do and whether or not or to not put full pricing on your website. As I point out, I’d additionally make a choice the “hybrid possibility,” and I’m curious to listen to – how do you maintain this?


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