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Pro Camera vs Beginner Camera for Boudoir Photography: Does It Matter? (VIDEO)

Is it vital to have a pricey skilled camera to shoot boudoir pictures? Or is it conceivable to get by way of with simply an entry-level, novice camera for boudoir?

Those are the questions boudoir pictures professional Yuliya Panchenko addresses within the beneath video the place she compares a $3000 camera and high-end lens with a $600 camera and equipment lens for a boudoir shoot.

For the camera comparability take a look at shoot, Panchenko makes use of a forty five.7MP Nikon D850 full-frame DSLR with a 50mm high lens as her professional camera rig and a Canon EOS Rebel T6 APS-C DSLR with an 18-55mm equipment lens as her beginner camera set-up to {photograph} type Julienne in a boudoir environment.

She notes that she’s now not evaluating the technical proficiencies of the 2 cameras however merely looking to display that you do not, essentially, wish to spend a ton of cash on tools to seize beautiful boudoir pictures.

“The purpose is to turn that any one with an access point camera can succeed in equivalent effects,” Panchenko says. For settings, she places each camera/lens combinations at 1/one hundredth 2nd shutter velocity, f/4 aperture and equivalent ISOs and focal lengths.

So, which did higher, the professional set-up up or the entry-level camera and lens? Well, clearly, the pro camera and lens are going to come up with higher technical effects however as Panchenko explains, you’ll do slightly neatly with more economical tools if you understand a couple of issues about the best way to shoot boudoir.

And one of the vital very best issues about Panchenko’s boudoir tutorials is that she stocks a lot of her skilled wisdom in her movies to help in making you a greater photographer. So, test it out beneath after which move discuss with her channel to look all of her boudoir pictures guidelines, tips and how-tos.

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