1652361970 436 Photographs and Memories While on a Family Holiday
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Photographs and Memories While on a Family Holiday

1652361970 436 Photographs and Memories While on a Family Holiday

Photograph/Dinesh Khanna

Jim Croce’s song, Photographs and Memories, may be a song about loss and pain, but the title always comes to my mind when I look at pictures of moments enjoyed and feelings shared. And that’s what family holidays are about. Good times and warm feelings. Images taken during such holidays remind us of places and incidents that go beyond what may be physically visible in the picture itself. As with these pictures shot in Thailand last month… the beach chairs remind me of lying in the sun, looking out to sea, while the crocodile head is reminiscent of the time we recoiled with disbelief when we first saw it. The smiling waiter is Dinesh Khanna another memory. My family insisted that he had fallen in love with me as I ordered Tom Yum soup from his food stall! The simple way in which Thailand uses colour in its urban planning not only adds ‘life’ to the city, but is also a feast for a photographer like me who is obsessive about shooting colour.

Cellphone photography is not just about stealth, but also about sharing—not just on Facebook, but also with the people one photographs.

All these photos (and I must have made a few hundred) have been shot with my ever-at-hand mobile camera. That’s the thing with cellphones, isn’t it? They just make photography an instinctive act of preserving memories… to be recalled with the ones who were there and shared with those who weren’t.

Dinesh Khanna’s career path veered from being a calculator salesman, a garment quality checker, a busboy in a New York bar and a client servicing executive, after which, he finally gave in to his desire to make images. He co-founded the Delhi Photo Festival and regularly conducts ‘addas’ in Delhi to encourage discussions on the medium.

This article originally appeared in the July 2013 issue of Better Photography magazine.


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