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Photographer recreates famous landmarks out of household items

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What do photographers do when they can’t travel anywhere and are stuck at home? Well, the last two years have seen an awful lot of ingenuity, but Hong Kong-based photographer Ric Tse has taken it to a whole other level.

Ric uses a combination of everyday household items, mini-figures and lego to recreate little scenes including many world-famous landmarks. It’s incredibly clever and the whole series called “My Home’s Rhapsody” has a wonderful mischievous feel.

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Ric has so far created more than 300 images in the series, with the travel destinations taking up a sub-series that he’s called ‘Tourist spots on my table’. They range from the Snow corridor in Japan made out of reams of A4 paper, to Stonehenge, or should that be er Cork Henge?

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I love the fact that he includes all the behind the scenes images as well, which truly do show up the ingenuity behind the work. Perhaps one of my favourites is the Sydney Opera House, made of dishes!

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You can see more of Ric’s work on his website and Instagram.

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