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Pet photographer finds himself in the dog house after passing off composites as original photos

New Zealand puppy photographer Ben Sheehan discovered himself in the dog consume dog international of Photo Stealers, a website devoted to day out dishonest and stealing photographers.

The award-winning photographer ended up on the entrance web page of the Photo Stealers website when a number of photographers spotted an uncanny resemblance to many inventory photographs in the backgrounds of his dog photographs. Compositing photographs in combination from more than a few photos is a not unusual and cheap approach to create original artwork, however normally, there’s some unwritten working out that the artist recognizes the incontrovertible fact that they’re composites and doesn’t normally attempt to cross them off as their very own.

According to Photo Stealers this is precisely what Sheehan have been doing on his Facebook Page (since taken down) and Instagram account. In specific when someone congratulated him on how he had taken the photographs or requested about their location.

Sheehan has additionally submitted composite photographs to picture contests. His finalist picture in the Dog Photography Awards (since revoked) was once created with a Getty Images photo of a waterfall in New Zealand, as those screenshots via Photo Stealers displays:

Sheehan apologised to the pictures international admitting to Petapixel that he had “discovered a lifestyles lesson” via passing off composites as his personal paintings. He did upload, alternatively, that the photographs weren’t in fact stolen, he did in truth pay for and license all the photographs that he used.

The lesson right here then seems to be certainly one of transparency and honesty. Ben now says that he has won demise threats from vigilante Photo Stealers fans which are looking to “wreck his lifestyles and trade”. Composites are all a laugh and video games till you attempt to cross them off as solely your personal original paintings, which makes everybody just a little barking mad. It’s tales like those that make me wonder whether pictures goes to the canines 😉

Sorry I couldn’t face up to!

[Via Petapixel]

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