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Nikon promises up to 8 new Z mount lenses despite $262 million loss

Well, Nikon’s latest annual report is out and it displays a $262 million write off in losses. The document says that Nikon has been dealing with demanding situations from the declining call for for camera equipment from pros and hobbyists, larger festival, the worldwide silicon scarcity and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite this, Nikon will quickly be freeing their new Z9 flagship mirrorless camera and in accordance to Nikon president Toshikazu Umatate, they’ll be expanding their Z mount lens lineup from its present 22 up to “just about 30”.

The document talks concerning the “in depth reforms to the industry constructions” of the Imaging industry introduced on the finish of 2019 and that also in the end ended in a loss of roughly ¥30 billion (or round $262 million). Nikon turns out to be… Well, I wouldn’t say “adequate” with the losses, even though they appear to have anticipated them.

They recognize that the marketplace is smaller and shrinking through the minute and that there’s larger festival from the likes of Sony, Canon, and so on. They’ve laid off over 2,000 body of workers, consolidated manufacturing operations and reorganised gross sales. Strangely, despite the most obvious decline in professional and hobbyist customers, that’s the place Nikon plans to stay focusing. At least for the fiscal 12 months finishing March 2022.

They’ve were given the Z9 on its approach out together with “just about” 8 new lenses popping out – we will guess what two of them are. But they do plan to (in any case) introduce some extra reasonably priced entry-level fashions to if truth be told draw in “younger” shoppers. Basically, it appears like we’re in any case going to see D3x00 sequence and D7x00 sequence replacements to take a seat along the Z50.

It’s now not simply “younger” individuals who use the ones lower-cost entry-level gadgets, regardless that. It’s the overall purchasing public who simply need a “fancy camera” past their smartphone to shoot snapshots in their children. The individuals who have no real interest in pictures except for as some way to seize reminiscences. It’s about time that Nikon in any case began focusing their mirrorless efforts in opposition to that (a lot better than skilled & hobbyist) marketplace.

Sure, there’s much less benefit in line with camera on the decrease finish, however they’re going to promote a complete heck of much more of them to make up for it – particularly if that may carry out a 50mm f/1.8 to go with it that doesn’t cost $600. When they’re used to paying $100-200 for a 50mm f/1.8D AF or a 50mm f/1.8G AF for his or her DSLR, they’re now not going to purchase a “nifty fifty” that prices greater than their camera.

Nikon additionally says that they’re “broadening our scope” past {hardware} (cameras and lenses) to “extend into new fields with out being certain through prior industry types”. Exactly what that implies turns out to be unclear, however I suppose we’ll to find out one day. Hopefully, they’re now not simply banking on a new model of NX Studio to save ’em.

You can learn all the document on the Nikon website.

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