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Mirrorless Cameras vs DSLRs

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of mirrorless cameras over DSLRs?

Answer by: Shome Basu, Photojournalist and Writer
When the initial mirrorless cameras came to India, one of the gadget editors of an economic daily presented it to me, so that I could share my views. At the time, I was using DSLRs for my assignments. The small red coloured camera didn’t excite me. But when I used it, I quite liked the results. The next thing that came to mind was, “Why don’t I shift to such gear that makes my travel lighter?” Soon enough, I purchased my first mirrorless camera, and it made my life easier. Carrying bulky DSLRs were a hassle, both logistically and physically. With a couple of these mirrorless cameras, I could walk down any street or situation, without intimidating the people I was photographing. They thought I was a tourist, and allowed me to pass. This happened several times in Kashmir, Serbia, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

1637930529 131 Mirrorless Cameras vs DSLRs

Floating Market in Dal Lake, Srinagar. My mirrorless camera made it quite easy for me to blend in with the crowd. Photograph/Shome Basu

As for the results, they are as good as a DSLR. Recently, I worked on a commercial assignment, where I used a mirrorless camera. The Public Relation Officer, who was watching the shoot, asked me, “Sir don’t you use the big camera? It takes better images.” I was appalled. Some people still believe that DSLRs have the capability of taking better photographs. They have more faith in the device, than in the vision of the photographer. It’s crazy.

Mirrorless cameras produce great results. I have used six by five feet prints, photographed on a mirrorless camera, for my exhibitions. I also shoot my editorial assignments using it. I don’t mind the frame size in most affordable mirrorless, as full frames are still expensive. However, with some research they are able to convert the viewfinder from electronic to optical, the advantage of speed would be fantastic, which is missing from most mirrorless cameras. Otherwise, mirroless cameras are perfect for capturing your creative vision.


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