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Lighting setup: How to use colour gels outdoors

You don’t frequently see photographers the usage of gels outdoors in herbal gentle, however why?

I feel probably the most core causes you don’t see too many herbal gentle gel pictures, is that you wish to have numerous energy and regulate out of your lighting fixtures to make gels visual in sunlight. Whenever we’re out of doors right through the daylight, daylight tends to creep in all over. Even once we’re status in heavy shadow, there’s nonetheless numerous gentle on us because the solar bounces round virtually eternally and sneaks into even probably the most shadowy spaces. This is a matter for gels as vibrant, sturdy sunlight will overpower and spoil a gel shot in an instant, making the required shot considerably more difficult to succeed in over merely surroundings it up indoors.

Why is daylight a subject matter with gels?

So if we truly need to use gels outdoors, are there any parts we must take note of? One of the important thing tenants I train about gels, is to all the time attempt to practice a gel to a shadow. The reason why for that is to be certain wealthy, blank colors and you’ll handiest truly accomplish that if there’s now not already gentle falling the place you wish to have to upload them. If you’re going to use gels outdoors, attempt to handiest achieve this within the shadows.

The easiest time and position to use gels outdoors

The reason why I’m making this level about gels, shadows and sunlight, is in order that I will get ready you for the most productive situation to use gels on your pictures outdoors. Yes you’ll use gels outdoors in herbal gentle, however for easiest effects, attempt to use them in shadowy spaces or higher but, after the solar has virtually long gone down.

Using gels out of doors may also be tough, however the important thing to a a hit gel shot is to steadiness the ambient with flash so that they praise one every other.

The Setup

Now that I’ve primed you with slightly wisdom about gels and sunlight, let me now give an explanation for the lighting fixtures setup I used right here. Hopefully one of the most selections I made about when and the place to do that shoot will now make slightly extra sense to you as I give an explanation for it.


On the day of the shoot, we’d if truth be told already been capturing all day prior to this setup, however by the point it were given to about 4 or 5 o’clock, I assumed it will be a great time to attempt to get some pictures with the gels outdoors. The solar had dropped low within the sky and there used to be no direct daylight any place within the space the place I sought after to shoot. On best of that, I additionally made up our minds to shoot beneath some bushes and this additional lowered the volume ambient gentle in shot.

Getting your baseline

Whenever you get started to setup a multi-light shot, what gentle do you put up first? For me, and I counsel this on each indoor and outside shoots, I all the time counsel you get started with the sunshine you’ll’t regulate. In this setup, the only gentle I will’t regulate is the solar, in consequence I want to alter my camera round that.

If you have been indoors and there used to be a tungsten bulb lighting fixtures part of your scene, the similar would practice right here. You can’t (ordinarily) alter the facility of that bulb, while you’ll alter the facility of your strobes. If that’s the case, you put your camera up across the energy of that tungsten gentle first.

For this scene, I sought after it as darkish as conceivable the place I used to be going to be shinning my gels, however I additionally sought after the glow of daylight to come thru on the best of the body to silhouette the bushes, leaves and trellis.

Why now not simply shoot it at night time?

One factor you can be pondering is, “Wouldn’t this simply be more uncomplicated to do at night time?”. Yes, capturing this at night time would imply you wouldn’t have to concern about sunlight ruining your gels, however check out to believe the pictures I’ve taken right here with 0 sunlight. The best of the body could be extraordinarily darkish and we’d unfastened all the stunning parts the place sunlight continues to be creeping in the course of the leaves. This shot at night time could be massively other and I for my part really feel it will lose numerous have an effect on.

My baseline camera settings have been: ISO 100 / f2.8 / 1/250th.

Here’s my ‘baseline’ shot as I alter my camera across the sunlight. I’ve restricted the volume of sunshine falling within the foreground in order that my gel colors will likely be sturdy, however the sunlight continues to be simply poking in the course of the bushes and leaves.

The speedy shutter velocity allowed me to prohibit an enormous quantity of sunlight out of the spaces I didn’t need it and this permits me to upload gels to the ones shadows in a while. I didn’t need to get rid of all the sunlight despite the fact that, and I nonetheless had slightly fill within the foreground in addition to sufficient sunlight poking despite the fact that the bushes to supply some great silhouettes and passion within the best of body too.

A word on HSS

I simply need to briefly point out HSS (High Speed Sync) as I do know somebody will ask. If you’re now not mindful, HSS permits you to shoot at very speedy shutter speeds and nonetheless sync along with your flash. This is a characteristic on many trendy flash gadgets and it’s nice should you like capturing with strobe out of doors within the sunlight. For this shot, It’s not that i am the usage of HSS because the 1/250th shutter velocity continues to be sluggish sufficient that I’m ready to sync to my camera with out it. The reason why I point out it, is in order that you don’t suppose a shot like that is handiest conceivable with HSS. Most strobes and even speedlights, new and previous, will likely be ready to accomplish that setup.

Placing the Lights

This might appear evident, however for gels to truly paintings and stand out in a shot like this, they want to be shone onto a floor (the larger the simpler) for the colour to display up. In this shot, I’m going to be the usage of a brick wall at the back of my matter to shine my gels onto, this may increasingly then make the topic stand out in opposition to it. Next I’ll shine an apposing colour from the opposite aspect (camera-right) to shine onto my matter which is able to then additional build up the separation between matter and background with colour distinction. Next, I’ll upload a hair gentle of the similar gel colour on camera-left after which I’ll end it off through including a white key-light to the topics face.

Take a have a look at the lighting fixtures setup beneath…

Here’s the lighting fixtures setup (simply believe that is out of doors).

As I discussed above, I’m casting that purple gel around the again of the shot in order that the topic stands proud in opposition to it. I’m then additional bettering that purple gel in shot through including a gridded dish up prime and to camera left as a hair gentle. This simply is helping to upload extra form to the topic, while nonetheless preserving it in step with the colors on that aspect of the shot.

Here’s the setup prior to the type arriving:

Remember; there’s two purple lighting fixtures to camera-left and one blue gentle to camera appropriate.

Lastly, be sure that to pay shut consideration to how a lot ambient gentle (sunlight) we’ve got within the foreground as fill.

Note: There could also be supplemental environment right here and I can speak about that additional in a bit of.

Lighting Modifiers

This setup has numerous flexibility relating to what modifiers you’ll use. It’s a 4 gentle setup and in elementary phrases, it’s necessarily simply two comfortable lighting fixtures and two demanding lighting fixtures. Here’s the modifiers I used to be the usage of, however you’ll mix’n’match with different demanding and comfortable modifies as you spot are compatible.

Gelled Edge Lights x2 – Large Umbrella

I’m the usage of a few massive umbrellas right here, however it’s essential simply as simply use two giant softboxes if that’s what you’ve got. The vital factor to consider right here, is that you wish to have modifiers that can throw the colored gentle over a large space.

Hair Light – Gridded Dish

This is certainly one of our ‘hard-lights’ and I’m the usage of this grid as a result of I would like to center of attention the sunshine right into a small space, specifically the threshold and best of the fashions head and hair. Again, you’ll use quite a lot of issues right here, I’m the usage of a dish and grid, however it’s essential additionally use a barn-doors or snoot to do the similar factor.

White Key-Light – Optical Snoot

The handiest non-gelled gentle within the shot is our key-light. For this setup I’ve positioned it up great and prime and angled it down in order to handiest shine gentle onto her and now not the background. To make this paintings, you truly want a directional hard-light once more. I used certainly one of my favorite modifiers, the ‘Optical Snoot’, however it’s essential use every other grid or snoot to identical impact. The major reason why I used my optical snoot right here despite the fact that, is just because it provides me such a lot regulate. This modifier now not handiest provides me an overly small pool of sunshine, but it surely’s additionally an overly blank pool of sunshine with a constant publicity from edge to edge. If this modifier is new to you, check out my evaluation of it right here to be informed why it’s certainly one of my favorite modifiers I personal: Optical Snoot Review

Artificial Atmosphere

The finishing touch to this setup goes to be the addition of man-made environment and to achieve this I’ll be the usage of a haze system. When including parts like smoke or haze, subtly is essential as you don’t need to overpower the topic, however you simply need to upload slightly further visible intensity to the scene. Take a glance beneath on the two side-by-side pictures. The one at the left has no haze in shot and the only at the appropriate has the haze provide. Subtle, however you undoubtedly realize it when it’s now not there.

As you’ll see above, you don’t want numerous haze to get the required impact, however including haze like this additionally has an extra receive advantages and that’s slightly further element to the shadows. Look at how a lot knowledge we’ve got in our shadows now that the haze diffuses the sunshine that passes thru it. In contrasty scenes like this, that little little bit of haze could make all of the distinction.

The Final Shots

Once the entirety is in spite of everything in position and kind of adjusted, it’s time to deliver the type in and advantageous music the entirety. Here’s how the general pictures grew to become out.

Click on any of the pictures beneath to see them full-screen.

Featured type: Isabella Besque

Key Points to Remember…

This isn’t a troublesome setup to shoot, particularly should you consider a couple of key issues while you’re getting the entirety into place.

  1. Get your baseline publicity first. Remember your baseline is the only gentle you’ll’t alter and on this case, it’s the sunlight. Make certain you prohibit the sunlight the place you’ll be shining the gels, however make sure you have sufficient to permit it to act as an international fill.
  2. Have one thing to shine your gels onto. Again, I admire this will appear evident, however having one thing at the back of the topic to shine the gels onto will permit you to simply create colour separation between the topic and background.
  3. Control your key-light. The key-light here’s that very directional white gentle at the face. To be certain the gels don’t seem to be ruined through that, you should make sure you stay as a lot of that gentle at the fashions face and nowhere else. The very directional optical snoot is excellent for this function.
  4. Think about intensity. For many people studio shooters, myself incorporated, we will be able to frequently omit about foreground intensity in addition to background intensity. Consider getting low and permitting out of doors parts to have interaction with the foreground of your shot to draw the viewer in.
  5. Maximise the ambience. We have so much happening right here relating to intensity and lighting fixtures. Adding some haze to the scene will additional toughen that intensity as gentle passes thru it to now not handiest upload passion, however to lighten the ones darkish shadows too.

Thank You

As all the time, thank you for trying out this newsletter and spending slightly little bit of your day with me right here. I am hoping you discovered it helpful and should you left with slightly extra wisdom than while you arrived, it’s been value it.

If you’ve got any questions or feedback, or if one thing doesn’t make sense, through all way, fireplace away within the feedback beneath and I’ll do my easiest to solution what I will. Thanks once more and I’ll see you within the subsequent one.

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