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Leica gear to become more expensive for the second time this year

It looks as if Leica cameras are seeing any other worth building up. After already elevating the costs previous this year, some Leica gear has now become even more expensive.

As other people at Leica Rumors spotted, the costs of 2 cameras went up. The Leica Q2 went up via $200 and now prices $5,695. The Leica SL2 went up via $300 and its worth is now $6,895.

Both of those cameras had been already made more expensive in April when Leica increased prices by 2-5%. The Q2 went from $4,995 to $5,495, and the SL2 went from $5,995 to $6,595. For comparability, when it used to be introduced, the Q2 was retailed at $4,995, and the SL2’s price used to be  $5,995.

Unlike the earlier worth building up, Leica hasn’t formally introduced this one. I checked the costs of a number of different lenses and cameras, however I didn’t understand the building up. Still, I couldn’t take a look at it all so it’s conceivable that different gear has observed a worth building up, too. We’re ready for a statement from Leica and when you understand any other building up in the period in-between, tell us.

[via Leica Rumors]

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