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LEE Filters launch Elements range of circular filters

Today famend Lee Filters has introduced the advent of LEE Elements. This new set of high-end circular filters has been specifically designed to fulfill the calls for of as of late’s photographers and videographers. 

The filters will probably be to be had in 4 sizes, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm and can come within the following filter out sorts: Little Stopper, Big Stopper, CPL, and two VNDs. 

The first two filters are according to LEE Filters vastly widespread Big and Little stoppers that we’ve observed launched at the 100mm, 150mm and Seven5 filter out codecs. The Little Stopper gives 6-stops of gentle aid whilst the Big Stopper 10-st9ops. 

The two VNDs are all-new and will probably be to be had in two other strengths, 2-5 prevent and 6-9 prevent; those will end up widespread for videographers who depend on high quality VNDs to keep an eye on the sunshine, 

Each of the brand new filters is created from LEE filters high quality glass and can incorporate multilayer-coated optics making them ideally suited companions for as of late’s high-resolution cameras and lenses. 

The filters had been designed with difficult black matt anodised aluminium frames that may minimise mirrored image and with a knurled edge that may lead them to clean to take away even if dressed in gloves. 

“With LEE Elements, we’re bringing our enjoy and technology to a brand new range of fast and easy-to-use circular filters, offering the standard and function that consumers be expecting from LEE in a kind issue that may streamline their inventive procedure, whether or not they’re shooting stills or video,” stated LEE Filters Managing Director Paul Mason. “With the standard of the glass and the high-performance coatings around the range, LEE Elements gives photographers and videographers class-leading optical functionality.”

The CPL and VNDs characteristic easy, silent rotation that makes them a great are compatible for videography. 

The VNDs also are fitted with rotation stops to lend a hand get rid of the danger of cross-polarization. The VNDs also are obviously marked with the numeric prevent positions making it clean to figure out publicity occasions manually. 

The glass coating is scratch-resistant and anti-reflective and contours hydrophobic and oleophobic layers similar to these discovered on Panavision’s PanaND and LEE’s ProGlass Cine IRND filters. These further layers of coatings supply enhanced coverage towards moisture and fingerprints. 

To lend a hand stay every filter out secure, they are going to store with a unmarried=-piece have an effect on resistant protecting onerous case. 

“LEE Elements will introduce new consumers who may nonetheless be within the early phases of their image-making trips to the high quality, rugged and easy-to-use filter out programs that LEE is understood for,” Mason stated. “As the ones image-makers proceed of their inventive interests, we’ll be there to additional enhance them throughout a complete range of lenses with our LEE85, LEE100 and SW150 filter out programs for nonetheless images and our ProGlass Cine IRND line of neutral-density filters for cinematography. Whether a buyer is taking pictures stills or video content material, LEE Elements gives a flexible resolution that empowers them to head and create.”

LEE Elements are extensively to be had and can also be bought during the LEE Direct website online.

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