1650530675 436 Isolate for Effect
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Isolate for Effect

I made this image while traveling between two villages in Northern Bengal. The weather there is very patchy… it can rain at any moment. It had rained just before I made this frame, which is why there are drops of water visible on the plant.

1650530675 436 Isolate for Effect

Shooting flowers and plants is quite possible even without a macro lens. Photograph/Riddhi Nandy

While this photograph may resemble a macro image, it is, in fact shot from the telephoto end of my kit lens. This frame is a crop of a much larger one.

The lighting conditions were also very poor. But what matters is if you have observed a scene and found a frame that fascinates you. After that, the settings do not really matter. Of course, I had to keep myself very steady while I made this frame. Small details like the water droplets and the scattered petals just brought the frame together. If you are going to attempt a similar photograph, I recommend you isolate your subject to truly emphasise on what makes this a sight worth remembering.

—Riddhi Nandy


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