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Introducing 1854’s Fast Track Vol. 2 winners: George Mcleod, Aviya Wyse, Hidhir Badaruddin

Meanwhile, Hidhir Badaruddin, who is originally from Singapore and now based in London, has focused on Asian masculinity and queer life in his work, specifically his series Younglawa, which was also his final project while studying at the London College of Fashion. ‘Younglawa’ is a play on English and Malayan words. “Both languages are native to me. ‘Young’ connotes youth and ‘lawa’, translates to ‘(someone) that is beautiful’ or ‘the beautiful,” he explains. “I hope [the work] sparks a dialogue about Asian masculinity today,” he adds. With a deeply intimate and gentle approach, Badaruddin’s analog images present queer life. 

“I hope that through my work, I can champion more diversity, such as the representation of LGBTQ+ and BAME communities. Ultimately, my goal is for my work to reach a wider audience,” he explains. 

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