Inside a Kaleidoscope scaled
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Inside a Kaleidoscope

I like taking photographs of the inside of a children’s kaleidoscope, but I have been facing issues with lighting and fading. What measures can be taken to resolve such problems? Mallika Khanna, New Delhi

Inside a Kaleidoscope

In this photograph of the inside of a kaleidoscope, the pattern is the brightest at the centre, and fades gradually. Vignetting can be observed at the edges Photograph/Jason Eppink

The easiest way to create to photograph the inside of a kaleidoscope, you can use a cellphone or a compact camera, as the diameter of the lens barrel is small enough to fit the eyepiece. Even then, vignetting may occur because light inside the kaleidoscope undergoes multiple reflections, decreasing in intensity every time. This can usually be fixed using an editing software. In order to produce sharper images without fading, consider mounting the kaleidoscope on a tripod. This helps in shooting at handheld ISO speeds.

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