Mirrors and reflective surfaces are all around. There is a picture waiting to happen, almost everywhere. Photograph/Raj Lalwani
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I’m Here Now

Mirrors and reflective surfaces are all around. There is a picture waiting to happen, almost everywhere. Photograph/Raj Lalwani

Mirrors and reflective surfaces are throughout. There is an image ready to occur, nearly in all places. Photograph/Raj Lalwani

Raj Lalwani
friends into mirrors anywhere he is going, so that you could in finding the easiest Facebook profile image.

My Assignment

  • Description: To take note the puts I’ve been to, whilst including a touch of myself within the body.
  • Duration: I shot the primary body 4 years in the past, and spot new ones, on a regular basis.
  • Notes: The maximum important facet to self portraits is to have amusing.

Personally, I consider that if a photographer is truthful, then each unmarried photograph that one makes, is a self portrait. It won’t have you ever in it, however it nonetheless portrays one thing about you, your background, your influences, likes, dislikes and all such issues.
Several years in the past, I instructed my good friend this. She laughed her head off, disregarding my ideas as highbrow garbage. “You are all the time in entrance of the camera, the place are your footage?” So, in a bid to turn out her improper, I began together with myself in a large number of my frames… most effective as it used to be amusing.

My Perspective
After all, isn’t that what maximum people appear to overlook? Photography is supposed to be amusing. Sometimes, an image is worthwhile, no longer as a result of it’ll stand the check of time, however as one thing that you wish to have to percentage with all of your buddies, although it’s for the notorious Likes on Facebook.
Numerous those self portraits had been born out of sheer boredom. But all the workout of taking a look into mirrors and on the lookout for shadows has helped me be on my ft at all times, thus conserving my imaginative and prescient contemporary and my camera, all the time in a position.

I get weird reactions from passersby when I point my camera at mirrors, but the photos are often worth it. Photograph/Raj Lalwani

I am getting bizarre reactions from passersby after I level my camera at mirrors, however the footage are ceaselessly price it. Photograph/Raj Lalwani

The Process

All smart communicate left apart, the primary time I made up our minds to practice my good friend’s recommendation used to be after I encountered Kareena Kapoor. No, no longer the true one, I noticed a kitschy poster of the actress amidst a large number of loopy artefacts. It used to be nearly a “I’ve to have an image with that” more or less second. The second I shared the image with my buddies, everybody used to be curious to understand the place I had noticed this sight.
That were given me pondering… wouldn’t this be an ideal option to {photograph} puts that go away an impact on me? So whether or not it used to be a a mountaintop in the course of Himachal, or my favorite downtown cafe, I began searching for techniques to carry myself in. Sharing those footage no longer most effective tells me how my buddies react to environmental self portraits, it is usually a standing replace of types… a observation that that is the place I’m. The Kareena photograph took place 4 years in the past, and as my taste has modified, as have my self portraits. The early ones had been obtrusive, with a reflect being lifeless within the centre. I now revel in clear surfaces, since they display a touch of me and the sector past.
I don’t need to name this a sequence… it’s not shot with any time table, except the sheer delight in being in a selected position at a given level of time, just like a private diary.

My Equipment
Does it truly subject? I used no matter camera I had on me at that time of time, from compact cameras, to DSLRs and mobile phones. I typically revel in wider focal lengths as the tale conveyed is extra healthy, with all the scene round me being framed.

When the kind of photography you do is an exercise in narcissism, a bit of humour is never a bad thing. Photograph/Raj Lalwani

When the type of pictures you do is an workout in narcissism, somewhat of humour is rarely a foul factor. Photograph/Raj Lalwani

Going Beyond with Self Portraiture

  • Find Out What You Want to Say: Is it most effective about you? Or you you wish to have to put across your dating with an individual, position or an concept?
  • When You Should Shoot: It is determined by whether or not you wish to have to plot a construction or simply revel in an image at a time.
  • Look up the Masters: From Lee Friedlander to Cindy Sherman, find out about how the masters have handled this difficult style.

Raj’s paintings is on-line at www.rajlalwani.com. He now and again blogs at rajlalwani.wordpress.com.

This article at the beginning seemed within the April 2013 factor of Better Photography.

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