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I tried TikTok’s top photography tips for 7 days, and this is what happened

I’ve been intrigued through the ability of TikTookay for a short time, in particular the recognition of it as a spot for top tips. But how just right are the ones tips? And do they in truth paintings? For the sake of science and DIYPhotogaphy, I made up our minds to determine. For 7 days I tried the top photography tips that TikTookay had to provide. Here’s the way it went.

I’m afraid I should start with a small confession. I wasn’t utterly conscious sooner than I began that the set of rules for TikTookay works relatively another way than for different social media like Instagram for instance. There you’ll be hit with an ever-changing conveyor belt of reels, on TikTookay it’s all accomplished through recognition and what you’ve prior to now been taking a look at, so the posts are quite extra static and don’t appear to switch rather so incessantly. So for the sake of this experiment I used the hashtags #photographytips and #phototips to assist get a pleasing unfold between portrait, product and smartly simply undeniable bizarre!

Day 1: Cosmetic Product Shot


Photo concept!🧊#photoidea#photoideas#influencer#igtips#creativephotography#InTheHouseparty#phototips#contentidea#moreyouknow#igstoryinspo

♬ original sound – haleyivers

For the primary problem, I began with a pleasing simple product shot from Haley Ivers. It comes to taking pictures a beauty merchandise, in ice cubes, with water sprayed on it and with some plastic positioned across the lens with an elastic band. Easy! Let’s see if it in truth seems just right. Well, I couldn’t pay money for the similar form ice-cubes that she had. In Spain, now we have large chunky cylinders of ice, big enough for the large glasses of sangría that they serve. So that was once my first fail. Secondly, simply spraying water onto the product simply doesn’t paintings. After all this I was once very reluctant to even trouble with the plastic, I knew what it might do and it wasn’t truly going to assist. There was once no communicate of lights in this video, which let’s face it, is truly a part of the magic in the back of a success product photographs.

So I made up our minds to peer if I may just strengthen the picture all on my own, with out TikTookay’s assist. This was once a elementary 5-minute process. The major adjustments had been the use of faux ice (the use of Encapso K), and a mix of 50% glycerin/50% water for the splashes. I extensively utilized one gentle in a softbox plus a white card. Same lens, identical aperture. These photographs display the comparability between the 2, with handiest minor changes in ACR. Obviously, the photographs may just nonetheless be hugely advanced, however I do assume the faux ice and water/glycerin combine glance much better than the TikTookay video suggestions.

Verdict: Basically a fail, however room for quite a lot of development.

Day 2: Simple Water Reflection


Truco para hacer foto con reflejo 💦 #tipsfotografia #fotografía #fototips #foto #photo #parati #trucosfotografia #photographytips

♬ Agua (Music from “Sponge on the Run” Movie) – Tainy & J Balvin

For the ones of you that don’t discuss Spanish, this one says: “An simple trick to take a photograph with a mirrored image the use of a puddle of water.” Great, that appears really easy. The directions inform you to show your telephone the wrong way up in order that the lens is very with regards to the bottom. Seems like a present pattern in this day and age as I have observed many movies with this ‘trick’. So a ways so just right. The issues began when I tried to make a puddle of water. This is a rustic with widespread drought restrictions and experiencing desertification. The first location I tried was once too dusty, the water was once right away sucked up through the thirsty flooring leading to no puddle. On to the following position, attempting ceramic tiles this time. There was once a puddle in any case, however how smartly did the picture paintings?

Well, I have to mention that the end result was once extraordinarily underwhelming. Perhaps I wanted more potent gentle on my matter, plus my matter was once getting increasingly more impatient as just a 5-year-old kid can, so I controlled a couple of photographs on my telephone adopted through a couple of on my Canon R mirrorless camera. These had been frankly no higher. Maybe I was once simply doing this all mistaken. Admittedly I have shot reflections in puddles sooner than with luck, however because it is, this tip will get a company fail from me.

Verdict: Fail

Day 3: Portrait poses for Shy People


IG: nordic_scott 📸 // posing concepts 🎥 #fyp #LiftYourDream #pose #fürdich #photoshoot #tutorials #posing #photoideas #posingideas #posingtips #howto

♬ Beggin’ – Måneskin

Day 3 and I was once taking a look for some folks photography. This tip for posing shy folks certainly stuck my consideration. For all of the mistaken causes. So many questions right here. Firstly, the entire level of portrait photography is that you’ll be able to in truth see someone’s face! I get it, that there are lots of camera-shy folks available in the market (myself integrated), however in the event you’re going to all of the trouble of getting your {photograph} taken you may in truth need your face within the symbol. Secondly, camera shy? That shouldn’t also be a topic. In my revel in of taking portraits maximum sane folks (who aren’t skilled performers or fashions) in truth don’t love having their photograph taken. It is the process of the photographer to in truth put them comfortable sufficient that they may be able to conquer this shyness and shine of their footage. This seems like a complete cop-out to me. But hiya, let’s see how they give the impression of being!

Pose 1: I felt a bit of off-balance right here, and needed to lean in opposition to the wall to keep away from falling over. The hand relatively rings a bell in my memory of Michael Jackson in his height years of heading off the paparazzi, despite the fact that admittedly it does a good process of hiding the face if that’s what you’re going for. The leg? I simply don’t get it. It doesn’t glance herbal, it’s no longer a strolling pose, quite extra like John Cleese and his Ministry of Silly Walks. Not probably the most flattering of poses for me both to be truthful!

Pose 2: I don’t thoughts this one in truth. It’s rather a gender-neutral pose, and with the precise outfit may just in truth glance roughly cool as a filler between a few different photographs (the place you’ll be able to see the face). It’s once more no longer a in particular herbal pose, most likely with a unique form of hat and outfit, it might paintings higher.

Pose 3: Not in truth certain the place first of all this one! It’s simply sitting on a chair with a e-book over your face. When would you ever in truth do this? Perhaps on a deckchair at the seaside in the event you’ve forgotten your hat and sun shades and the solar is too vibrant? That is the one example I can bring to mind while you would possibly in truth take a seat in this place. Again no longer in particular flattering for the ones people with brief limbs.

Verdict: Just undeniable bizarre

Day 4: Product Photography Hack


Who’s attempting this? #productphotography #productphoto #photographyhack #smallbusinesscheck #learnontiktok #learnfromme #smallbusinesshack

♬ #violintransition – Zachfromdisney

This one in truth appeared promising. I had misgivings about the use of the sunshine from the pc display screen and additionally the use of a reflect however ‘let’s be open-minded and give it a shot,’ I concept. I discovered a pleasing royalty-free ink in water video on a inventory website and enlarged it to complete display screen. I then positioned the small hand reflect as steered at the trackpad a part of the pc, positioned the thing of bijou at the reflect, and then closed the pc to a few 45-degree attitude till I may just see the mirrored image of the display screen within the reflect. It was once taking a look adequate! I was once getting excited! Finally, one thing was once running. Or was once it?

On seeing the photographs I spotted more than one reflections within the reflect, which made the picture glance not up to nice personally. I requested my colleagues at DIYPhotography for a greater rationalization than I may just give for this phenomenon.

You’re seeing a mirrored image from the close to facet of the glass in addition to any other from the a ways facet. When you take a look at a reflect, you’re normally taking a look head on, so the perspective of prevalence between the primary and 2nd reflections is normally a lot tighter and the adaptation isn’t that noticeable. And in a reflect, even supposing they’re covered at the again, the mirrored image coming from the again is in most cases a lot brighter than the mirrored image coming off the entrance floor of the glass. – John Aldred, DIYPhotography

John went on to provide an explanation for in regards to the added complication of the fresnel impact, which mainly implies that surfaces grow to be extra reflective the extra parallel they’re for your imaginative and prescient. Phew, thank you John! Basically the upshot of this? Don’t {photograph} gadgets on glass or mirrors as a result of you’ll get this more than one mirrored image impact. Usually when taking pictures merchandise, if you need a great mirrored image you could use black plexiglass or just create a fake mirrored image in Photoshop. So in fact I re-shot the picture the use of black plexiglass as a substitute and the multi-reflections disappeared. Much higher. I should confess that I did use my smartphone to seize those photographs. The left symbol is at the reflect the place you’ll be able to obviously see the additional mirrored image, the picture at the proper was once taken the use of plexiglass. While neither are nice photographs you’ll be able to see the adaptation between them.

Verdict: Fail, however roughly works in the event you use opaque plexiglass

Day 5: Dreamy Photos with Tights


they used stockings like this to shoot the film Atonement 🙂 #photographyhack #dreamyphotography #cameragear

♬ Fairy Fountain – Super Guitar Bros

I was once closely sceptical that they might have used this solution to movie the film Atonement, however after some research, I came upon that I was once each proper and mistaken! I wasn’t conscious that lens netting is a factor in cinematography, nevertheless it has been used for a very long time to create a hazy subtle impact. But, it isn’t accomplished like this TikTookay video tells you to. Lens netting is in truth accomplished at the opposite finish of the lens the use of a kind of tape affectionately referred to as Snot Tape. I discovered this little video that displays you precisely the way to do it:

The effects are rather attention-grabbing, in particular when accomplished with black stocking cloth or different forms of subject material. You can see the impact right here in this video:

So again to the TikTookay educational. I can perceive why you may wish to use this impact for taking pictures video, or if taking pictures stills with movie, however with a virtual camera wouldn’t this impact be relatively simple to create in Photoshop? Still, undeterred I discovered an previous beige stocking behind my sock drawer which I can’t ever bear in mind dressed in and mounted it onto the entrance of the lens the use of an elastic hairband.


Unfortunately, the hairband limited the autofocus of my lens so I had to make use of handbook center of attention, one thing I infrequently do if I can assist it with my ‘nifty-fifty‘. Here are the consequences. The top symbol is un-stockinged, the ground one is complete stocking. Both photographs are straight-out-of-camera.

As you’ll be able to see, the stocking indisputably did upload a robust diffusion impact, even supposing in all probability no longer in some way that I would in truth need. It did have a robust color solid moreover. Perhaps white netting would keep away from this quite than beige. Still, I’m going to be beneficiant with this tip.

Verdict: Nailed it!

Day 6: Dead worm


Creative PHONE Photography✈️📸 Tip: Shoot this on a cloudy day for extra main points within the sky! #shotoniphone #photo #photographytips #plane #bts

♬ Originalton – Nic v d Coelen

Just why? I imply, does this symbol even glance just right? Still, I had to check out it. So there I am at the rooftop terrace of my space, mendacity on my again looking to cling my camera in a single hand and get each legs and the opposite arm within the air, and get the entirety in center of attention. Sorry, nope, I’m no longer 15 years previous anymore, ain’t gonna occur. I may just no longer get my hand and foot at the identical focal airplane, regardless of what. I tried with each my smartphone and my mirrorless camera. Then my abdomen muscular tissues gave out. Actually, I’m no longer even certain I can have accomplished this when I was once 15. And anyway, again to my unique query, why would you even wish to take this symbol? It certainly enters the ‘even supposing it’s good to, the query is whether or not you must’ territory.

Verdict: Just what’s the purpose?

Day 7: The grocery store Trolley


You want to check out this it’s truly simple and you simply want nice motion #phototips #supermarket #slowshutter #foryou

♬ Bamboleo x Narcos Remix – Nalo

OK, so what is Generation Z’s obsession with taking footage in supermarkets? Take a glance, they’re in every single place TikTookay and Instagram. Can we no longer to find higher puts to hang around and {photograph}? OK rant over. I concept this one was once in truth roughly lovely and promising. “And hiya,” I concept,  “I like lengthy publicity photographs and I have a grocery store close by! What’s to not like?” Well the entirety, it grew to become out.

Cue: me out of doors the grocery store, nonetheless with complete Covid-19 measures in position, eyeing up which form of trolley/buying groceries cart is going to paintings the most efficient, with out taking a look too suspicious. I handiest wanted to shop for a couple of pieces, so I would usually cross for the small measurement cart. But alas, that didn’t have the kid seat, so there was once nowhere to position my telephone. I needed to choose for the huge buying groceries cart that did have the kid seat, however was once additionally about as manoeuvrable as a Sherman tank caught in a ditch.

Now I needed to fill the buying groceries cart with no longer too many stuff that would possibly embarrass me if I posted them on an across the world famend photography weblog. “Milk is secure, juice…Great. Now let’s to find an empty aisle unfastened from safety guards and store assistants. Uhoh, it’s a Saturday, no empty aisles.” So there I am, thankfully in my masks, furtively wandering across the aisles of my native grocery store, twiddling with my telephone and looking to each keep away from folks and stroll as rapid as conceivable with the telephone balanced within the kid seat. I’m a little bit unhappy to mention that my self-consciousness in the end were given the easier of me, and my smartphone was once additionally lower than the process. To get a gradual sufficient shutter pace to turn any motion it rendered the picture overexposed. If I moved extra temporarily the telephone would fall over. I wager the lighting are lovely vibrant in my native Mercadona, who knew? This one then is a large fats fail, even supposing is reasonably almost definitely because of my very own shortcomings, no longer the top itself.

Verdict: Fail, however my very own fault

Bonus: Rollerblading as a faux drone


FPV DRONE FAKE 🚀📱 w @dji_official #DJIOM5 #OsmoMobile5 #DJI #fyp #jordikoalitic

♬ Swing Lynn – Harmless

Because I roughly screwed up the grocery store trolley tip I made up our minds to check out one further. I noticed this video a couple of weeks in the past when DJI dropped their newest Osmo Mobile 5 gimbal and I was once curious to peer how it might paintings. As a lot as I love DIYPhotography I wasn’t keen to possibility breaking my neck for them so I enlisted a rollerblading skilled within the type of my friend‘s 9-year-old child. Truthfully, I wasn’t anticipating a lot, however as you’ll be able to see from this pictures it in truth works! Admittedly the pictures was once a just right bit smoother on much less bumpy flooring, and this method does rely closely at the skating abilities of the operator however I was once lovely inspired! I don’t know if it simulates a drone really feel however it might indisputably substitute a dolly and strikes so much sooner. Here is one of the vital experimental pictures:

Verdict: Nailed it!

This 7-day experiment was once a light-hearted take a look at what TikTookay has to provide for photography tips. It’s a little bit of a Wild West when it comes to high quality, and identical to YouTube and Instagram, there is no GateKeeper or high quality keep watch over. Anything is going, so that you should be a bit of bit discerning in the event you’re going to check out any out for your self. The different factor that I see is that the demographic is in opposition to the younger finish, either one of audience and posters. There are some fabulous younger photographers available in the market, and now we have featured a few of them right here on this website time and again, so please don’t take this the mistaken method. However, their revel in at imparting wisdom will likely be much less and, coupled with the selection of influencers/photographers with out a little to no photography coaching, it is very hit and pass over. My recommendation: have a laugh, use it to get some concepts however don’t take it too critically!

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